This article was published at The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, May 13, 2016: 

Two news items hit the wires at nearly the same time: Early Thursday morning, following a marathon 20-hour overnight session, Brazil’s upper house voted to try President Rousseff on charges that she cooked the books while running for reelection in order to hide the country’s dreadful financial condition.

The other was the claim that James Comey, director of the FBI, said he has never heard of a “security review,” that he didn’t know what those words meant, and that what his agency was doing was a criminal investigation into whether deliberately and intentionally opened up her private server to foreign government hackers, giving them access to top secret information.

Both reflect growing distrust and frustration at the antics of the elites running both countries by their citizens. In Brazil it is compounded by an economy that is a shambles, a depression the worst since the 1930s. In the US the economy is approaching a recession despite never recovering from the last one.

Both are blaming the political elites for the mess their countries are in. In Brazil the Workers Party has been in charge for 13 years, moving the country’s economy from strong growth to recession and shortly a depression. In the U.S. the Democrats and the Republicans have conspired together to grow government, slow the economy, and turn the country into a European-style socialist state.

Rousseff was a revolutionary in her youth. Clinton never joined the Communist Party, according to, but she does rate an astonishing 69 pages of entries there delineating in great detail her close affiliations with Marxists and socialists around the world.

Both are complete economic ignoramuses. When Rousseff saw that her predecessor’s socialist policies were driving the Brazilian economy into recession, she appointed a central banker (!) to advise her. After he suggested cutting government and subsidies, she fired him.

In Clinton’s case, she never held a real job in her life. Instead she has been a lawyer and a back room dilettante, rubbing elbows with the elites her entire adult life. In her platform on how to fix the U.S. economy she is proposing more of what made the economy sick in the first place: more government stimulus, giveaways, and controls.

The final parallel is a bit of a reach, but worth mentioning. Now that Rousseff is out, her vice president, Michel Temer, is in. Temer (shown above), believe it or not, has even worse public approval ratings than does Rousseff. But even better, he was convicted of violating campaign finance laws during his reelection campaign and so, by law, is barred from running for office! So here’s a convict unable to run for office running the country!

If Comey concludes that Clinton violated the country’s laws, might she not be in a similar position: being charged with and being tried for committing heinous security breaches while she’s the president?


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