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Looking southwest from N. Edwards Street in do...

Looking southwest from N. Edwards Street in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Round-topped towers are the Radisson Plaza hotel.

The ’s rush to support the president’s call for more gun controls following the shooting in Kalamazoo on Saturday was breath-taking. Sunday morning the Washington Post editorial board hurriedly issued this predictable homily:

The United States loses far more people to gun violence – homicidal, suicidal, accidental – than almost any other country, and this is one reason: the easy availability of guns.

The echo chamber ramped up the meme with CBS News recounting other mass murders recently in the news: San Bernardino; Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon; Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina; Santa Barbara, California; the Washington Navy Yard; Newtown, Connecticut; and so on.

It was President who led the parade of misdirection, blaming guns for the criminal behavior of an Uber driver on Saturday:

We need to do more if we’re going to keep innocent Americans safe. I’ve got to assume that all of you are just as tired as I am of seeing this stuff happen in your states.


So, that’s an area where we also need to partner and think about what we can do in a common sense way, in a bipartisan way, without some of the ideological rhetoric that so often surrounds that issue.

What about those mass shootings that never took place or that were thwarted in their infancy by citizens carrying concealed and taking action? Incidents like these:

  • Pearl High School in 1997 when an assistant principal, using his personal, privately-owned handgun, confronted Luke Woodham from killing more students;
  • Parker Middle School in 1998 when James Strand grabbed his personal, privately-owned shotgun and confronted a 14-year-old killer, holding him until police arrived;
  • Appalachian School of Law in 2002 when three law students, using their personal, privately-owned firearms, confronted and neutralized a former student from committing additional murders of students and professors;
  • New Life Church in 2007 in Springs when Jeanne Assam grabbed her personal, privately-owned concealed weapon and ended the threat, and the life, of a crazed killer before he could commit more mayhem;
  • New York Mills AT&T store in 2010 when Donald J. Moore saw a potential killer enter the store with a weapon and list of employees he intended to kill, reached for his own personal, privately-owned sidearm and shot and killed the criminal;
  • Sullivan Central High School in 2010 when Carolyn Gudger, a resource officer who was allowed to carry on school grounds, confronted a gunman armed with two handguns and neutralized the threat;
  • Freewill Baptist Church in 2012 when Aaron Guyton saw a parishioner, Jessie Gates, pull a shotgun from his car and enter the church. Guyton pulled his own personal, privately-owned sidearm and held Gates for police.

There’s the Clackamas Town Center Mall that was neutralized by a private citizen; the Mystic Strip Club attack that was immediately thwarted by an armed citizen; the Austin, Texas construction site where an irate and armed employee bent on mayhem and murder was neutralized by a law-abiding gun-carrying citizen; the Cache Valley Hospital incident that was neutralized by two citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights; the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital incident that never became a massacre thanks to a quick-thinking doctor using his personal privately-owned sidearm to end it.

Where was the mass while these events were taking place?

How does one count “preventions,” anyway? Florida State University criminologist has studied the matter for years, concluding that two million DGUs (defensive gun uses) occur every year in the United States.

But since these shootings never happened, they don’t matter to those promoting gun control. An alien with no knowledge of the war being waged against the Second Amendment would easily conclude that the president and the have an agenda that causes blindness.


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