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Picture a factory where the owner has cut his and Medicare by 90 percent. Where surveillance by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) no longer exists. Where minimum wage laws don't apply. Where there are no more reports to be filed with OSHA. Where the factory doesn't have to be retrofitted to handle handicapped employees. Where there is no “family time” off for pregnancies. Where there are no pension or plans to fund. Where there are no insurance taxes. Where no one is demanding special break rooms and time off for prayers. Where Obamacare doesn't apply. No transgender bathrooms. No lunchroom or recreational facilities.

It's already happening in 's Pearl River Delta (dubbed “the world's workshop”). Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology Company makes mobile phone components and is one of the world's first nearly completely robotic factories. According to the company's chairman, Chen Xingai:

The use of industrial robots will help the company to reduce the number of frontline workers by at least 90 percent. When all 1,000 industrial robots are put into operation … we will only need to recruit fewer than 200 software technicians and management personnel.

The finished product is being produced with far fewer defects and vastly greater output per unit of energy. To say nothing of reduced pollution.

And, in response to competition, the free market is driving similar improvements stateside. It's called “creative destruction” or, alternatively “Schumpeter's gale,” a wind that is now being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It's driving globalists crazy. A week before the opening of the 2016 World Economic Forum's annual meeting, the group's founder, Klaus Schwab, wrote in Project Syndicate:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the Third Industrial Revolution, also known as the Digital Revolution … but it differs … in key ways: First, innovations can be developed and diffused faster than ever.


Second, falling marginal production costs … augment returns to scale.


Third, this global revolution will affect … all countries.

He admitted that while the Fourth Revolution “has the potential to empower individuals … it could also lead to [the] marginalization of some groups, exacerbate inequality, create new security risks, and undermine human relationships.”

And for this he had the ever-present solution: more government only this time on an international scale:

We must move to restructure our economic, social and political systems. It is clear that our current governance structures and dominant models of wealth creation are not equipped to meet current or, more important, future needs … what is needed is … comprehensive … systemic transformation.

He finally reaches his end point: global government with himself and his Davos cronies in charge:

I firmly believe that the new technology age, if shaped in a responsive and responsible way [by us] … could create the sense that we are part of something much larger than ourselves – a true global civilization.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is delighting free market supporters who see not only the continual improvement of living standards worldwide as efficiency improves and costs decline, but the decreasing relevance of those who want to impose their own “systemic transformation” onto the world.

Those displaced will be free to find other work in areas that pay better and expand their human potential more completely. The private educational system is already gearing up with online courses (free or at modest cost) to teach them how to provide needed services in an increasingly complex digital age.

It's no wonder that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is causing heartburn for the statists pushing for a . It's also going to make present government regulatory agencies less relevant as well.

Sources: Roboforce: Chinese plant replaces 90 percent of workers with robots Opinion: World's big thinkers weigh in on robots, Trump and the coming revolution

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