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A cottage industry has grown up around Donald Trump's outrageous statements, with bloggers trying to outdo one another with their collection of the best (or, for liberals, the worst). A few samples will do:

An extremely credible source has called my office and told me that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fraud.


Our great African-American president hasn't exactly had a positive on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore.


One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don't go into government.


It's freezing and snowing in New York! We need warming!


I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I'm more honest and my women are more beautiful.

But it's when he steps outside the bounds of what the GOP establishment considers appropriate that phone calls are made and “guerrilla” campaigns to stop him are funded. Witness these:

I will build a great wall – and nobody builds better than me, believe me – and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.


When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're not sending you, they're sending people who have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with them. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing . They're rapists.


Some, I assume, are good people.

And this, on Obama's plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. next year:

We have no idea who these people are. We are the worst when it comes to paperwork. This could be one of the great Trojan horses.

A phone call was made and a memo prepared. Somehow the Wall Street Journal got a copy of it, and exposed it for all the world to see: two former RNC (Republican National Committee) operatives, Liz Mair and Rick Wilson, have started a stop Trump group called Trump Card LLC with the sole intent and to run Trump's campaign right off the rails.

Their strategy is so outrageous and ugly that they are promising anonymity to any donor who helps fund it. Said Mair: “Their fingerprints will be kept off things.”

And it's a good thing, too. The ads to be run in Iowa and New Hampshire prior to the primaries (February 1 and February 9, respectively) will be “blunt,” “outrageous,” “bizarre” and will feature a Trump look-alike insulting people and attacking his campaign in “stark, nasty” terms.

The idea is to so infuriate Trump supporters that they will reject him outright and not even come to the . After all, wrote Mair: “In the absence of our efforts, Trump is exceedingly unlikely to implode or be forced out of the race.”

The latest from Rasmussen confirms Trump's position as frontrunner. Despite negative ads run in Iowa in September and October by the , when Rasmussen polled Likely Republican Voters on November 16 and 17, 63 percent of them think Trump will be the Republican nominee for president, and that was up from 59 percent the week before. Among all likely voters polled, 51 percent of them agree: Trump will be the Republican Party's candidate for president next November.

When Trump learned that the pro-Kasich American Crossroads PAC was going to run some anti-Trump ads, The Donald just laughed:

I want to do negative ads on John Kasich but he is so irrelevant to the race that I don't want to waste my money.

But when Trump got wind that Karl Rove's PAC – American Crossroads – was going to join in the anti-Trump parade, he told Henry Blodget, the editor-in-chief of Business Insider, exactly what he thought of Rove:

A guy like Karl Rove … Karl Rove is Republican establishment. [His PAC] spent [in the last election] cycle, $430 million and lost every single race.


I saw the commercials and the things that he was making. They're the worst I've ever seen. I thought they were made by the Democrats.


So you have morons … like Karl Rove – and you can print that if you want – look at what happened with [Jeb] Bush. Look at what happened….


Just throwing darts you can do better than that. [They] have guys like Karl Rove who are really incompetent people. All you have to do is look … at his record. It's a horror-show.

When Dan Riehl of Breitbart looked into the group, he found that, as of last Friday, Mair and Wilson had raised just $356. The danger is that if and when serious money from anonymous donors who don't want to leave fingerprints starts flowing in, Trump could find himself in trouble. If Trump Card is successful, another purpose would be served as well. It would be a warning shot across the bow of any other candidate's campaign inclined to ride the populist wave of resistance to refugees and Islamist radicals flooding into the United States. The message from the GOP establishment would be delivered: play the game our way, or don't play.


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