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English: "The Tent" at Ted Haggard-f...

“The Tent” at Ted Haggard-founded New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It’s been nearly eight years since Jeanne Assam confronted the killer at New Life Church, and five years since she wrote about it in God, the Gunman & Me.  She described her confrontation with evil that cold December Sunday in 2007. What she saw that day is what unarmed victims face whenever a deranged killer targets them:

The gunman advanced down the hallway, firing his weapon and possibly killing people at the other end.


I prayed again, then raised my weapon. At first I thought I’d wait for him to walk parallel to where I was hiding, but that plan didn’t feel right.


I had to think fast. I lowered my gun and asked God to be with me one more time. At that point, I felt that was all I needed to ask of Him.


Without hesitation, I took about seven steps to where I was just past my point of cover.


Instantly I felt God’s presence completely surround me. I can’t describe it, it was so incredible. In that hallway, when the gunman was walking in, I had sensed this evil, demonic everywhere. But around me now was the magnificent shield of God’s power.


“Police officer – drop your weapon!”


He did not drop his weapon. He had no intention of dropping it. He’d just been firing it down the hall. The echoes still throbbed around us. He pointed his rifle at me.

I fired.


I shot him five times in quick succession from approximately 60 feet away. My shots knocked him off his feet and onto his back, but did not kill him at this point.


I had sixteen rounds in my Beretta, while he had multiple weapons and plenty of extra magazines already fully loaded. I knew I had to make every shot count.


“Drop your weapon or I will kill you!” I shouted, advancing on him quickly with my weapon still pointed at him. He sat up. I noticed what appeared to be grenades attached to his gear.


He raised his rifle and fired at me.


I shot him three more times, still walking toward him. One of the rounds struck him in the carotid artery in his neck.

Her story is no longer available at Amazon, but it still resonates every time a killer targets unarmed innocents. Just like in College Park, Georgia, on May 4, 2009, when two gunmen entered a party on campus and started threatening the partygoers. One of them who had access to a handgun shot one of them to death and drove off the other one.

Just like the Parker Middle School dance shooting on April 24, 1998 that was ended almost immediately when the shooter, Andrew Jerome Wurst, was confronted by James Strand with his shotgun.

Just like the Destiny Christian Center shooting that took place on April 24, 2012, when Kiarron Parker attempted to kill a number of members of the church. A member of the church, an off-duty police officer, ended the by shooting Parker.

Just like the Boiling Springs Freewill Baptist Church shooting on September 9, 2012 where Mark Ktytor, who was carrying concealed, stopped what observers said would likely have turned into a mass killing.

Just how politicians and their enablers can look past incidents like these and continue to disarm innocents is beyond knowing. “Gun free zones” are, according to firearms instructor and author Mas Ayoob, “hunting preserves for psychopaths who hunt humans.” But none of this registers in the land of “sunshine, fruits, and nuts” where California Governor Jerry Brown made things even worse for potentially unarmed victims like those Assam saved at New Life Church that cold Sunday.

Said Peggy McCrum, president of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:

California’s college campuses and K-12 schools should be sanctuaries for learning, from the fear of gun violence. [The new law] will make schools safer and decrease students’ risk of being injured or killed.

What dream world does McCrum inhabit? Where is her retraction, or her begging for forgiveness by the families of victims gunned down in Roseburg, Oregon just eight days earlier? Where is her public statement that she was just plain dead wrong? There appears to be no public record of any such thing.

The new law emasculates any opportunity that someone carrying concealed on California university campuses might have to intersect and neutralize a like that faced by Assam. It closes a “loophole” in the present law that prohibits anyone from carrying a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school or college campus without express permission by the administration to do so. When the law was written, however, there was an exception: those with a concealed weapons permit would be allowed to carry on campus.

As of Saturday, Governor Brown closed that so-called “loophole,” reducing nearly to zero any chance that targets in a future massacre will survive it.

In 2013 at least 19 states introduced to allow concealed carry on campus, while 14 more offered similar bills in 2014. Two of those bills passed in 2013, one in Kansas and the other in Arkansas.

On the other hand, five states considered bills further restricting existing firearm in 2013, but none of them passed.

Courts have entered the fray as well. In March 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that the University of Colorado’s policy banning guns from its campus violated the state’s concealed carry law, while in 2011 the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned the Oregon University System’s ban on guns on campuses which allowed those with permits to carry concealed on these public campuses.

Unfortunately Umpqua Community College administration banned guns on its campus, allowing the shooter a 20-minute window to wreak havoc before it ended.

Laws infringing rights have real world consequences. They aren’t about ideology, they are about real life, real evil with real, often fatal, outcomes. Somehow politicians in California consider themselves exempt from such outcomes as they continue to promote their anti-gun agenda.

Just ask Jeanne Assam.


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