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Poor old Hillary Clinton, she just can’t catch a break. If it’s not emails, it’s contributions from foreigners seeking influence. If it’s not Benghazi, it’s her affected southern accent.

It’s called, officially, “political corruption” which is defined as “the use of powers of government for illegitimate private gain, which may include bribery, extortion, selling of favors, patronage, graft, and embezzlement.”

But at least she’s not guilty of treason, at least not yet. But her favored personal advisor – her “woman Friday” or “body woman” as some call her – Huma Abedin, isn’t so lucky. She’s being investigated for fraud and theft by Senator Chuck Grassley’s committee, and a federal judge has just ordered her to “attest, under penalty of perjury” that she has turned over all of her own set of personal emails, also being run off of Hillary’s private home computer.

That isn’t enough to convict anyone of treason, but selling out the country certainly is. Oran’s Dictionary of the Law defines treason as “[a] citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” Since at least age 20, Huma certainly appears to have been working as an agent of a foreign government infiltrating the US with the deliberate intent to change it into one that complies with Sharia Law, enabling it then to join the host of other Islamist countries being similarly infected.

Although Huma was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, at age two her family moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia so that her father, Syed Abedin, could go to work for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), a Saudi-based think tank. Syed was recruited by the founder of IMMA, Abdullah Omar Naseef, a major Muslim Brotherhood figure who would, over the years, develop close ties to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

When Huma returned to the U.S. to attend George Washington University she was picked up at age 20 to be the “first woman” to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. Huma has worked for Clinton ever since, in one position or another. At present she serves as Hillary’s vice chairman of her campaign for president.

Huma’s mother, Saleha, has also been busy promoting the Muslim infiltration through her own membership in the Muslim Brotherhood’s female division, called the “Muslim Sisterhood,” while heading up the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC). HCWC is part of the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief (IICDR), which has been banned in Israel for supporting Hamas.

It’s her father who represented the worst of Huma’s world, until his death in 1993. And it was a former who blew the whistle on Syed Abedin. Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian who converted from Islam to Christianity, told CNN of his actions as a PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) terrorist before his conversion, including the firebombing of an Israeli bank, Bank Leumi, in the late 1970s. He now works to expose the machinations of Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, and individuals like Huma’s father, Zyed.

In August, 2012 Shoebat uncovered a manifesto that had been commissioned by the late Saudi King, Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, titled “The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places to Support the Muslim Minorities.” One of the chapters in that manifesto was written by Zyed, in which he revealed that this was part of an overall plan to infiltrate and subvert non-Muslim lands and transform them into pro-Muslim societies. The plan was simple:

Recruit individual Muslims who live in non-Muslim lands and work to assimilate them into important positions of trust and influence,


Encourage them to spread Sharia Law in western countries, especially the United States,


Eventually, with the proliferation of Muslims in their host nations, the tilt toward Sharia Law would hit “critical mass,” leading to


The host nations joining the world-wide Muslim “commonwealth.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, as a result, is deemed a organization by Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Here, in the Unites States? Not so much.

In fact, former House member Michelle Bachmann was nearly driven out of office when she started complaining about Huma’s background, claiming that Huma “has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” The Washington Post, ever careful to toe the party line, called Bachmann’s revelations “paranoid,” a “baseless attack” and a “smear.”

What they didn’t say is that Bachmann told the truth.

An interesting side note is important in understanding this particular piece of creepy luggage that Hillary is carrying around: on July 10, 2010 Huma Abedin married then-Congressman Anthony Weiner (see photo above), the weirdo who “sexted” pictures of his privates to women over the internet. Being another “friend of Bill’s” the wedding vows were overseen by former President Bill Clinton.

This outraged followers of Muhammad, as Muslim women are forbidden to marry “infidels,” especially Jews. Dr. Anwar Shoeb, the leading authority at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies in Kuwait, formally declared Huma’s marriage to Weiner as “null and void,” calling their living arrangements following the wedding as a “form” of adultery.

It’s not necessary in this essay, nor even possible, to prove that Huma is, and has for a very long time been, committing treason against the United States. Whether Huma Abedin is guilty of adultery, theft, or fraud, or of influencing her boss in sensitive foreign relations gambits, or of breaking rules and regulations by the State Department by following her boss with the use of private personal email accounts on Clinton’s server, or of infiltrating the highest levels of the American government to promote Sharia Law, one thing is certain: she is one more piece of baggage that Hillary Clinton must deal with in her attempts to appear trustworthy enough to American voters to become the nation’s chief executive in 2017.

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