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Great Seal of the State of

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the Navy Chaplain who was fired for praying in Jesus' name while wearing his uniform, is used to abuse. He had to withstand from the far-left gang and a complete and utter lack of support from Republicans in Colorado.

But it didn't matter. Relying on volunteers and modest financial support from friends and supporters, Klingenschmitt blew away his opponent in last Tuesday's mid-term election, 70 percent to 30 percent, and will be sworn in as Colorado House District 15's representative in January.

A modest, humble, and unimpressive-looking man, Klingenschmitt revealed his true character when confronted with Navy rules that abrogated his rights. He chose the latter, and paid the price, forfeiting his commission, receiving a reprimand, losing his pension, and suffering a pay cut. After 16 years in the Navy, he decided to move on, according to God's plan for his life.

He started a ministry, Pray In Jesus Name, the very phrase that he uttered that got him into trouble with the Navy. With regular postings to his YouTube website, he takes full advantage of those First Amendment rights, offending both sides of the political spectrum and caring not a whit.

From the right, Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call told the Denver Post:

Gordon does not speak on behalf of the Republican Party. To suggest otherwise is inaccurate and dishonest.

True to his word, Call made certain that not a single dime of Republican Party support came his way during his campaign.

Klingenschmitt also managed to offend the grossly misnamed People for the American Way, an acidic left-wing progressive group with its Right Wing Watch designed to keep an eye on the likes of American believers like Klingenschmitt.

He provided them with plenty of material, and they took advantage of it. Calling him “unhinged” and an “exorcist,” they extracted pieces and parts of his YouTube presentations and recopied them onto its own, with their own titles:

“Klingenschmitt Declares that ENDA [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act supported by several pro-LGBT advocacy groups] Promotes Bestiality”


“Klingenschmitt Says Wendy Davis [a Texas politician who supports same- marriage] Is Ruled By A ‘Demon of Murder'”

Brian Tashman, gnashing his teeth over Klingenschmitt's victory at Right Wing Watch, highlighted ten of the victorious candidate's most offensive shows, retitling them to read:

  1. Gays And Democrats Want To Rape Children;
  2. Obama Is Possessed By Demons, Requires Exorcism;
  3. Demonic Transgender Kids Need A Good Spanking (And An Exorcism);
  4. We Will Be Forced To Engage In Sodomy;
  5. Gay People “Have Something Unhuman Inside Of Them”;
  6. Gay Soldiers Wear Diapers;
  7. Gay Animals Are Of The Devil;
  8. Obamacare Causes Cancer;
  9. Obama Will Kill Bundy Ranch Supporters; and saving the best for last:
  10. Madonna Is Trying To Have Sex With Me!

If these prove anything, it's that Tashman pushes the fine line between liberty and license.

A measure of Klingenschmitt's tolerance was illustrated when he was urged to sue Right Wing Watch over their infringements. He said:

My lawyers believe they [RWW] are vulnerable. They said I should sue them, but I don't want to do that right now because I don't want to hurt them.


My goal is only to defend my content.

He received death threats with unearthly peace. On Thursday following his victory he attended an orientation meeting for new lawmakers where he told the Capitol Police about death threats he has received from haters on the left. Said Klingenschmitt:

I'm concerned and I'm taking [them] seriously.


I'm not afraid, and I'm not worried. I'm in God's hands ultimately.

He also isn't going to be taken to be a patsy by them or played for a fool by them, either. When he was invited to have a meeting with members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender gang to “discuss” their “differences,” he declined, putting them off until after the election. He also said such a meeting would only take place if each member of that gang underwent a background check first, to ensure his safety.

In his victory speech, Klingenschmitt said he respected everyone's right to an opinion even if he didn't agree with it:

As perhaps the only ordained minister elected to our state Republican caucus, I will work hard to represent all [the] people of my district, regardless of political or religious belief.


As a Chaplain, veteran, and PhD in Theology, I will defend everybody's First Amendment rights.

In his efforts Klingenschmitt won't be intimidated. He knows that his stint as a representative will only be temporary while his commitment to his faith is permanent. Klingenschmitt will be true to his word, and to His Word.



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