This article first appeared at The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, November 8th, 2013:

Judith Curry's explanation as to why global temperatures have not changed for the past 15 years makes too much sense, so the global climate-changers are scrambling to find other causes.

Curry is the head of Georgia Tech's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and in her release she explained the climate-changers' predicament:

One of the most controversial issues emerging from the recent ['] Intergovernmental Panel on [the UN's} Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report is the failure of global climate models to predict a hiatus in warming of global surface temperatures since 1998.

She has been studying the matter for years, and has come up with the answer: the “stadium wave,” similar to those enjoyed by football fans. It's a cycle that goes back over 300 years, and explains that there are regular and predictable ebbs and flows in the earth's temperature. She said:

The stadium wave hypothesis provides a plausible explanation for the hiatus in warming, and helps explain why [other] climate models did not predict this hiatus.

Further, the new hypothesis suggests how long the hiatus might last.

Curry is not alone. Dr. Hawkins of Reading University examined in detail every one of the 138 different climate change models used to “inform” the climate-changers with the IPCC. He found that nearly every one of them estimated temperature increases in the future that are so far out of line with what's going on in the real world that they have little credibility.

There's also the matter of the leaked memo to the IPCC, which noted that the cooling in the last twelve months has resulted in an increase in Arctic ice of more than one million square miles, closing the Northwest passage to yachts and cruise ships.

This single makes “professor” Wieslaw Maslowski look incompetent, if not downright stupid. He's the one who predicted five years ago that the Arctic ice fields would disappear altogether by 2013. His prediction was picked up by the and carried all over the world. But the real world has intruded to the point where he has been forced to modify his prediction: the Arctic ice fields will now disappear by 2016 “plus or minus three years.”

And then there's the honorable professor Richard A. Muller, physics professor at the University of California, Berkeley. So highly regarded was he that, two years ago, he was invited to address the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee about climate change. He told the committee that those 138 now discredited models had “sufficient integrity” to “confirm the overall warming trend.” And that was followed a year later by his conclusion that, based upon further study, not only were temperatures going to continue to rise, but that they most surely were caused by human beings emitting too much carbon dioxide:

I concluded that global warming was real and that prior estimates of the rate of warming were correct.

I'm now going a step further: humans are almost entirely the cause.

Enter reality. In September, the good professor stepped away from the whole global-warming thing and parted ways with those who still believe it. In the New York Times, Muller wrote: “The global warming crowd [other than me, of course] has a problem.” He added:

For all of its warnings, and despite a steady escalation of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, the planet's average surface temperature has remained pretty much the same for the last 15 years.

How embarrassing.

So Muller took the rest of his article to explain why: It has something to do with “chaotic changes in ocean currents,” and the “cloud cover has kicked in,” and it's the “ocean's absorption of atmospheric heat,” and … well, you get the idea.

What's really embarrassing is not only the exposure of the proud posturing of experts who have been predicting this, but the undermining of the argument that something must be done to stop it or we're all going to die!

Doubt it? Here's what another “professor,” Ugo Bardi, said at the World Resources Forum in Davos, Switzerland last month. Bardi, a spokesman for the Club of – the instigator of the whole environmental “green” movement going back to 1968 – told the crowd of eager changers:

We are facing today an unprecedented global challenge: that of the overexploitation of the world's resources. Not only are most natural resources being exploited faster than they can reform, but we are saturating the capability of the atmosphere to absorb the products of the combustion of fossil fuels, with the result of potentially catastrophic climate change.

His solution? Stop the world:

[This] means slowing down the exploitation rate….

[We must work] to slow down and eventually stop the deadly economic growth machine….

These people intend to end civilization in order to save it. This isn't something that can be rebutted by argument or by proofs offered by people like Curry. Their is so grand that other explanations must be found to support their agenda.

Could it really be so simple that temperatures haven't changed in the last 15 years because of cycles? That nature has rhythms? That this is normal and regular and to be expected? Is it possible that God, as Creator of the universe, has put in place such stadium waves, like the rising of the sun and the moon and the stars, the ebb and flow of the tides, the simple act of breathing in and out? Could it really be that simple?

Not to the climate-changers. They have an agenda. To them, even suggesting that the Maker of the universe may be responsible is laughable.



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