This article first appeared at McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, July 19th, 2013:


After months of stalling and threats of a filibuster against ’s nominees to various agency posts, Senate Republicans have given up and are letting President nominate the devil himself, if he chooses.

In a surprisingly underreported event, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won a major victory in the Senate by threatening to repeal the filibuster rule that the GOP was planning to use against ’s nominees. The GOP bought into Reid’s promises that he would keep the filibuster rule in place as long as the GOP didn’t use it. It was a spectacular parliamentary maneuver, removing the rule without repealing it.

Various Democrat Senators were beside themselves with glee: Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said: “We made bipartisan progress and we were able to reduce the gridlock and approve President ’s nominees, and that was a very, very positive step forward for all of us.” Murray’s Index rating is a dismal 12 out of 100. (The Freedom Index rating is based on how closely a member’s votes are in following the Constitution.)

Reid himself was ecstatic: “We have a new start for this body, and I feel very comfortable with it. I don’t know how I could be happier.” For the record, Reid’s Index rating is just 17 out of 100.

The deal was struck by a group of Republicans who weren’t even in leadership positions, led by the big RINO himself, John McCain. The LA Times explained:

The agreement happened after McCain and a handful of other veteran Republicans who wanted an end to the confrontation negotiated with Senate Democratic leaders separately from their own party’s leadership.

McCain was pleased with the outcome: “[This agreement] will contribute to some momentum to working more together as a body for the good of the country, not to mention our 10% approval ratings.” Even Senator Rand Paul was resigned to the new “deal.” He said “The president usually wins. I’ve supported most of the nominees.”

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was pleased as well: “Put this down as progress in the right direction…”

Even though the nominees in question had backgrounds that would embarrass Al Capone. Gina McCarthy, now the head of the viciously anti-capitalist EPA, pushed for carbon credits while commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection and is likely to keep from approving the Keystone Pipeline.

Thomas Perez, now the head of the Department of Labor, has such a background that the House Oversight Committee issued a 64-page report entitled: “How Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez Manipulated Justice and Ignored the Rule of Law.”

Raymond Kelly, the current police commissioner for New York City, has an inside track to being nominated to head up Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security. His track record of turning the NYPD into a mini-surveillance state has been documented by this author in his article at The New American (see the source link below).

Now that the GOP has been emasculated, Obama is free to nominate the devil himself. To some, he already has.



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Patty Murray’s voting record, FI rating of 12 (out of 100)

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Rand Paul’s voting record, FI 93 (out of 100)

Mitch McConnell’s voting record, FI 61 (out of 100)

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