On July 3rd Trevor Loudon explained How the Tea Party can save America and then proceeded to reel off all the threats facing America and concluded that “the fate of the United States of America hangs in the balance.” I don’t normally respond to that sort of TEOWCAWKI proclamations, but Loudon carries a lot of weight with me. He’s the author of an excellent source book – a political biographical dictionary of and his leftist cadre – Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. I found it to be an excellent resource for my article on Obama back in October.

He thinks it’s a political battle, and one that can be won: “We must win the electoral battles in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado.” And the best – the only – vehicle to do that is through the Republican Party, says Loudon. If the Dems take control of the House, keep control of the and replace with a look-alike, it’s game over: “If the Democrats get back in full control, they will NEVER relinquish it. This is the left playing for keeps…”.

Then he adds his disclaimer: “The GOP leadership is ineffectual at best, often cowardly and unprincipled – occasionally even treacherous.” And yet, he says, we can work to take it over somehow, by creating a “ caucus” inside the GOP.

He gives some good advice: pick winnable fights, pick a handful that we know we can win. Stick to core issues: the Constitution, national security (read: borders), gun rights, education and the economy, he says.

He reminds us that less than 10 percent of the population back in the 1770s supported the revolution.

All of which is well and good. But then Trevor comes close to something most commentators leave out: the power of prayer, and recognition that God has His chips in the game, and that much resistance to the British crown came from the “black regiment” of preachers who knew the stakes were not just political but spiritual as well: “They understood exactly what was at stake.”

I wish he would have expanded on that theme, but I don’t think Loudon has the spiritual equipment for that discussion. We must look elsewhere. For myself, I look to Chuck Baldwin for such spiritual counsel. But I appreciate Loudon’s brief mention of an aspect most patriots either ignore or dismiss out of hand as irrelevant. This war has been going on since the beginning of time. It isn’t about Obama. It’s about truth and falsehood, light versus darkness. I’ve read Revelations so I know how things turn out. We need to remember that.  It makes things go better.

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