This story teaches a useful lesson: shoot to end the threat and for no other reason.

“Mr. Tony” as he is called by his friends and neighbors, came home on Sunday afternoon to discover a teen-age taking items from his home and stuffing them into the back of his car. “Mr. Tony” DiSanto, age 84, shouted at the thug to stop. When the thug continued, DiSanto went into his home and got his gun and confronted the man. Here's what happened, according to a neighbor who saw the whole thing:

He yelled for the boy to stop. The boy was ramming his car into the fence back there; ramming it into Mr. Tony's car, trying to get out of there.

Mr. Tony asked him to stop several times. He didn't. [Mr. Tony] shot at the vehicle.

The boy came through the other yard and missed me by about that much and [Mr. Tony] shot at the vehicle again.

The “boy” finally escaped, driving his car in reverse down the street.

Said Dave Bristow of the Manatee Sheriff's Office: “We're still investigating the case. But for apparently fired shots while the vehicle was fleeing … that's questionable … and so, yes, the investigation continues and we'll probably end up sending it to the State Attorney's office [for prosecution].”

Here's the lesson: if the thug is “trying to get out of there,” Mr. Tony should have let him go. As Massad Ayoob said years ago, “Deadly force is justified only when undertaken to prevent imminent and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm to the innocent.”

What to do if you come home and find this “boy” helping himself to your household goods? Tell him to freeze. If he tries to , let him run. If he advances one inch towards you in a threatening manner, shoot him to the ground. It would help greatly if you had a neighbor the whole thing. Even better if it was on .

I'm no attorney. But that's how it would happen at my home.

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