My good friend Bill Jasper at The New American has just written about the Economist‘s about-face on climate change. This change in attitude, as the Economist itself notes, is “a very big deal.”

But good friend Bill fails (I hesitate even to suggest a criticism of his position) to note that the drive to install mandates to push the green agenda has nothing to do with facts. It has to do with power and ideology. Green is just a cover for totalitarian rules. How do I know? Obama himself says so.

In an infuriating article in Fox News his whole agenda is laid out: he doesn’t care that his proposals will have little or no impact on global warming. He doesn’t care that we haven’t had for at least the last decade. He doesn’t care that such mandates will increase costs and slow the economy. He doesn’t care that his new “presidential memorandum” to be announced in his much-heralded talk at Georgetown University is unconstitutional. He doesn’t care that only Congress can pass laws. He doesn’t care.

Here’s this from Fox:

President Obama will announce Tuesday he is planning to sidestep Congress to  implement a national plan to combat climate change that will include the  first-ever federal regulations on carbon dioxide emitted by existing power  plants, despite adamant opposition from Republicans and some energy  producers.

In a speech at Georgetown University Tuesday, Obama will announce he’s  issuing a presidential memorandum to implement the regulations, meaning none of  the steps involved in the plan will require congressional approval. (my emphases)

He’s going to do it anyway. He will announce $8 billion in federal loan guarantees to “invest” in “new technologies” designed to bring about the green he wants. Let’s put this straight: he is stealing money from taxpayers (present and future) to pay for his unconstitutional mandates to pay off his cronies and supporters in ventures that are assuredly going to come to grief as have all the others with government “guarantees.” He doesn’t care.

He’s going to announce limits on carbon emissions on coal-fired power plants that will raise the cost of without any assurance whatsoever that such mandates, when implemented, will do anything about the climate. He doesn’t care.

His agenda is simple: strangle the US to death. Doubt it? Here’s Tom Borelli, senior fellow at FreedomWorks: “This proposal … essentially bans coal’s use in the future.”  That’s Obama’s goal.

Usurping unconstitutional power, the little dictator is implementing his policy to damage America, install himself as dictator, and kill any chance at an economic recovery.

That’s his agenda. Green is a cover.

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