I didn’t like what M. Stanton Evans uncovered in his careful dissection of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. I had hoped for more and better from Rubio.

Evans’ credentials are impeccable. His CV is remarkable for what he has accomplished in his lifetime. He went to Yale, and turned right! While there, Evans read Frank Chodorov’s classic One is a Crowd and said this book “opened up more intellectual perspectives to me than did the whole Yale curriculum.” In other words, Evans was one who got away.

In his analysis of the immigration bill he was distraught, as I was, to discover the two faces of Marco Rubio. The bill is being sold to the American people (and gullible Senators) on the basis of “security first, legalization next.” Evans wrote: “These statements are completely false,” and then goes on to prove it.

Part of the proof is Rubio’s comments and actions. When Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) submitted an amendment to make absolutely certain that that is what the bill would do – that the border  be demonstrably secure before a single illegal can be made legal – the voted it down. Wrote Evans: “This was summarily rejected by a vote of 57-to-43, refusing to put into the bill the very thing its backers say is in it.”

And just who voted against Grassley’s amendment: Rubio. Noted Evans:

Thus, the main spokesman telling us the bill is an exercise in “toughness” voted to make sure it wasn’t.

To his discredit, Rubio gave an interview to a Spanish- TV station in which he explicitly said: “First comes legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border.” Exactly the opposite of what he has said elsewhere. In a word, Rubio is a liar.

It’s no wonder the bloom is off the rose for Rubio as he is now described as a “former Tea Party favorite.”

As Evans concluded:

So much for “tough, conservative” -making  – and so much for Marco Rubio as a leader on this (or any other) issue.

Thanks for that, Mr. Evans. Now we know who and what Rubio really is: a political opportunist.


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