The current scandals rocking the IRS are giving an excuse for some in the House to threaten shutting off funding for Obamacare. The optimist side of me says, Yea, Do It! The pessimist side says they’ll get their funding. The realist side says Obamacare will speed up the of the US.

All funding bills start in the House and I’ve long wondered why the House continues to go along with funding disasters that limit our and increase government power. A few members make noises that sound like Ron Paul (miss him yet?). Rep. Ander Crenshaw, (R-Fla.) is chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee, said “I think it’s safe to say [the IRS isn’t] going to get the kind of increase they’re asking for.” Actually, it’s Obama that has proposed a 14% increase in IRS funding, not the agency itself. $440 million of that increase is to go to hire more agents to manage and enforce Obamacare.

Crenshaw is a perfect example of why the IRS is going to get its funding: he’s a weak-kneed, go-along-to-get-along member, with a paltry Index rating of just 65. Translation: one-third of his votes violate the constitution.

Another good example of why Congress won’t be doing anything to impede IRS’ funding is Orrin Hatch, Senator from Utah. His FI is a little better than Crenshaw’s, at 79. But, to put it nicely, that means he ignores the Constitution in one out of every five votes. His comments in the Journal are indicative:

If  the IRS can’t manage an increase of 1,700 applications for tax-exempt   status that the agency said spurred its targeting of conservative  groups, how will the IRS handle its massive new role in implementing  Obamacare?

He complained about how the IRS handled the Earned Income Tax Credit, with nearly one-fourth of those payments in 2012 being made in error. He concluded that if the same percentage is applied to the $1 trillion being spent on implementing Obamacare, then “we could see between $210 billion and $250 billion distributed to those who shouldn’t get it – because the IRS has no system in place to verify reported household income.”

And yet nowhere in his remarks do I find any reference to how the House could, or should, shut down this monstrosity simply by refusing to fund it. He rails against it, but those are just words.

Conclusion? The IRS will get its funding, and its agents, and the additional to invade our lives, forcing us to behave according to the progressives’ mandates: it’s all for our own good, after all. All we hear from a few members of Congress are words, words, words.










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