Sekulow heads up the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). The initials reflect a deliberate alternative to the ACLU when it was set up by Pat Robertson back in 1990. Last week he announced his intention to sue the IRS on behalf of a number of and Patriot groups singled out by the IRS for “special attention,” and yesterday he did.

He’s suing everyone within shouting distance: Eric Holder, Jack Lew (Treasury Secretary), Steven Miller (former head of the IRS who was just fired), Lois Lerner (who just took the Fifth and was fired – oops, put on “extended leave”) and Holly Paz (who worked for Lerner). He left out Douglas Shulman (the IRS commissioner who Miller replaced) who is also likely guilty as sin but bailed out last December before the roof fell in.

Sekulow filed in federal court, saying this is “the only way to stop this flagrant and arrogant abuse of our clients’ rights…The lawsuit sends a very powerful message to the IRS and the administration: Americans are not going to be bullied and intimidated by our government.”

He’s gotten 25 groups to join the lawsuit and is seeking a permanent injunction which would bar the IRS and other federal officials from discriminating against them “for disparate treatment and particular scrutiny based on unconstitutional criteria of political viewpoint or expression.”

I have some serious problems with this whole effort. First, even if the court grants an injunction, who would enforce it? The same people who are guilty! Second, it distracts attention (and resources) away from the real issue: the income tax. Thirdly (as I’ve asked before) what on earth are these groups doing asking the IRS for permission to fight the government in the first place? Are those tax exemptions so important as to put their entire operations at risk and under the thumb of the most corrupt thug-infested agency in the government (and that’s going some, believe me! I think of the ATF. I think of the EPA.)

If there is any advantage to be gained here, it will be the continued presence about this lawsuit in the media which will keep this whole issue in the front of the minds of a lot of people, thus putting continuing pressure on Obama, which is a good thing. Whether it will lead to major damage (impeachment, resignation, etc.) remains to be seen. But at least the issue won’t be going away any time soon.

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