Here is Roger Ailes’ email, if you care to look. He says some nice things that I’m certain were reassuring to his employees who are probably asking themselves whenever they send an email or make a phone call, “am I being watched?”

Let’s remember who Roger Ailes is. He is no friend of freedom. Anyone who would allow the likes of Geraldo Rivera to have air time has got to be either a) nuts or b) stupid. I don’t think Ailes is either. And then there’s Ailes’ employee, Bill O’Reilly, the Great Distractor, who has built his career avoiding the real issues of the day and instead concentrating on tickling peoples’ ears about the sensational and the irrelevant.

Let’s ignore for the moment that he left his first wife to live with another women whom he later married and then divorced. Let’s forget about his advising people to lie to cover up for Rudy Giuliani. Let’s not ask about the Willie Horton ad, or his advising Nixon on how to look more presentable during his presidential campaigns. Let’s not ask about his close ties to CBS over the years. Or to the Bushes.

Let’s forget about all of that. Let’s remember this: he works for Rupert Murdoch who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, fully exposed as the behind the throne in Washington for almost 100 years in James Perloff’s expose, The Shadows of Power. That piece of data could explain something that otherwise doesn’t make much sense in Ailes’ email:

We will not allow a climate of intimidation, unseen since the McCarthy  era, to frighten any of us away from the truth. (my emphasis)

What? The McCarthy era? As Gary North asked: “What intimidation was there [during] the McCarthy era?” There were communists galore in government and McCarthy was right, as proven in M. Stanton Evan’s revelation, Blacklisted by History. But that had nothing to do with press “intimidation.” So why would he refer to it? Why wouldn’t Ailes refer instead to “the Lincoln era” of intimidation? Or “the Wilson era” of press intimidation? Or “the LBJ era” of press intimidation?

I think it’s because Ailes still thinks it’s his to continue the on McCarthy, even after 50 years, because McCarthy was right, and Ailes is part of the effort to keep that from the public eye. Is that a bit of a stretch? These people have long memories, and they remember how close McCarthy came to blowing up the whole deal.





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