I'm moving to Portland! This guy is too good to be true.  He's decided to “opt out” of Obamacare, Medicare, , private , the whole gig. He's going cash only. And you should see his prices! They're posted on his website.

Let's see:

$50 for a brief office visit (defined as one straight-forward issue like a cold, a sinus infection, a UTI, etc.)

$75 for a regular office visit (2 or 3 simple “issues”, i.e., diabetes follow-up, back pain, abdominal pain)

$100 for an extended office visit (multiple issues or one “very complicated” issue that might involve “coordinating” with other doctors)

Or how about this? What do you think he charges for a house call? A house call? Yup, I told you this guy is too good to be true: $200. Cash. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

It gets better. EKG? No problem $25! Injections of Vitamin B12? $10.

How about lab tests? Hemoglobin: $20. Urine dipstick analysis: $10. Glucose: $10. Pregnancy test: $10.

How does he do it? He doesn't work for the government anymore. He doesn't work for insurance companies anymore, either. He works for his patients! What a concept! Just like a vet, only for people. In and out, easy peasy.

Under the old rules, he had about 2,000 patients and he was working his head off to pay his overhead. When he announced he was going “cash only” he lost “several hundred” of them, but he says, “I'm freed up to do what I think is right for my patients. If I'm providing them a service that they value, they can pay me, and we cut the insurance out as the middleman and cut out a lot of expense.” As a result, “I've been able to cut my prices in half because my overhead will be so much less.”

Strep throat? At the ER, it's easily $300. Dr. Ciampi? $50.

And I thought the free market in medical services was dead!


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