Somehow this got by me, and I consider myself fairly well-informed. But this fell into the cracks of history until a friend sent me a note about this guy. He has a Wikipedia page.  He was elected, twice, to the House of Representatives from Iowa in the mid ’70s where he sat on the House Judiciary Committee during Nixon’s impeachment trials. He voted to impeach Nixon.

Afterwards he served as the United States Ambassador to the Commission on Human Rights.

He also worked as an investment broker and built up quite a practice using his contacts from his time in to create his client list. At one point he was managing $10 million of other peoples’ money.

But then things went south. He got divorced, got remarried, got into some financial trouble, went bankrupt, got divorced from his second wife, and after trying unsuccessfully to get back into politics, disappeared from public life.

And no wonder: he disappeared into Federal Prison Camp at Eglin Air Force Base for five years after pleading guilty to 31 counts of bank fraud, mail and wire fraud. He claimed that he “was an honest broker who committed the offenses because of financial difficulties” but also because of “mental illness” and “harmful medications” he was taking for malaria (which he apparently got while traveling several times to Nigeria to check out “black money” to bring to his clients.

The government prosecution said he was just trying to keep up appearances with the people in his social circle. People like Bill and Hillary Clinton with whom he was very good friends.

But when his son, Marc, got married in July, 2010, Fast Eddie almost didn’t make it to the wedding. He had gotten out of prison in 2008 but was still on probation. Besides, it probably wouldn’t have looked good for him to show up at the wedding with all of those former clients of his whom he swindled out of $10 million being present and all.

Especially because Marc was marrying … Chelsea Clinton.

Some things just disappear down the memory hole…

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