I’ve seen precious little about this in the MSM and no wonder. These boys come from Chechnya which has a history of unspeakable violence for years. If I can find out about this, why can’t they?

Last Friday David French exposed the connection and I tracked down his sources just to confirm. Wrote French:

Chechen have a record of unbelievable savagery, and when I heard the suspects were Chechen, a chill went down my spine. They have bombed apartment buildings, shopping arcades, parades, government buildings, and participated in the Beslan school massacre, an event so horrific that had it happened here it would have rivaled 9/11 in its imprint on the national soul.

Before we get to the Beslan massacre, let’s let French, the Senior Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, speak for himself:

They have exported that savagery to Iraq and Afghanistan, where many of us have direct, first-hand experience with the capabilities and motivations of Chechen terrorists. Chechens (and others from the region) affiliated with al-Qaeda have fought Americans in both countries, and they were among the most deadly of our foes: committed to the cause, intelligent, and without a hint of conscience.

Just like in Boston:

The firefight last night — complete (if reports are to be believed) with the use of explosive devices — gave me an eery sense of déja vu … many American vets have bitter experience with Chechen and other who would kill as many people as they could in an effort to escape, then — when cornered — draw in friendly forces just before a final suicide attack.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies reported on such “incidents” in Chechnya and defines them thusly:

Incidents of violence include abductions of personnel and civilians, bombings, assassinations of key civilian and military leaders [and] rebel attacks..

They are vicious beyond comprehension. Here’s more about the Beslan school massacre which took place in September 2004. It’s almost more than I can comprehend. The Wiki report is 45 pages long. More than 1,100 people were taken hostage by Chechen terrorists, among them nearly 800 children. It was three long days of bloody terror before the siege and nightmare ended. Nearly 400 people were murdered in that horror. The pictures that Wiki allowed to be printed are almost unspeakably vile.

You can draw your own conclusions. Mine? These Boston Bombers are beyond comprehension.


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