This guy is almost too good to be true. Amash's family immigrated to America in 1956 through the sponsorship of a Christian pastor. He attended Kelloggsville Christian School and graduated from Grand Rapids Christian High School where he was class valedictorian. He graduated from U of M with two degrees, magna cum laude. He served in the Michigan state house and then ran successfully for the in 2010. He turned 33 last week.

His voting record has earned him a Freedom Index (FI) rating of 92 and now he's thinking of running for the Senate to replace Michigan Senator Carl Levin who sports a disgraceful FI of 5.

George Will has brought him out of obscurity with his recent article in the Post, calling him “one to watch.” I'll say. Here's Will on Amash:

He began reading Friedrich Hayek and other representatives of the of economics, and less than four years after he left Ann Arbor, he was in Michigan's Legislature, where in his one term he cast the only “no” vote on more than 70 bills.

He was a freshman and yet he voted “no” on more than 70 bills where his was the only “no” vote? The guy's got some backbone.

Says Will:

He refuses to vote for the House has not been given time to read, which is eccentric, and he explains each vote on Facebook.

When he voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act, he explained why:

For example, he voted against reauthorizing the 1994 Violence Against Women Act because, he wrote, it “created new federal crimes to mirror crimes already on the books in every state pertaining to certain domestic violence offenses” and because it addresses “subjects over which the federal government has no general jurisdiction.”

And hear this:

The Constitution, he wrote, “explicitly authorizes Congress to criminalize only a few activities, which relate to matters that are clearly federal in nature (counterfeiting, crimes on the high seas, treason).”

Will pointed out something that a lot of us have missed:

Immediately after Levin announced his retirement, Amash received a late-night text message from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), encouraging him to run. “There's a great coalition over there,” Amash says, referring to freshmen Lee, Kentucky's Rand Paul, Wisconsin's Ron Johnson, Arizona's Jeff Flake, South Carolina's Tim Scott, 's Ted Cruz, Pennsylvania's Pat Toomey and Florida's , a group whose average age is 48, 13.5 years less than the average of Senate Republicans.

I just calculated their average FI ratings: 85+.

Amash reminds me of a can of Ajax Cleanser. Lord knows, the Senate could use some of it. Amash could be just the man to apply it.


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