This is unalloyed good news: the Senate blocked any further consideration of legislation and that vote should end the matter at least until and probably until 2016. The reasoning is spelled out convincingly here by two attorneys (no, not that kind) who make abundant sense in their conclusion:

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted 54-46 to defeat an amendment that would have required broader background checks on gun purchases. The amendment, sponsored by Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and pushed by the White House and its supporters, was the last hope for any kind of bill in this Congress, and probably for President ’s presidency.

They excoriate the president for his galling attempt to play on peoples’ emotions by flying in kids from Newtown and using them as swords to eviscerate the constitution. They remind readers of the president’s hypocrisy when he ignored the Fort Hood shooting and the Giffords shooting and instead selected “a better opportunity”  – Newtown – as the best chance to ram down peoples’ throats.

But the authors note that the people aren’t buying it anymore. They’re tired of having worthless politicians and dictators like seizing opportunities to promote their agenda:

Americans, unlike our hyper political president, do not see tragedy as an obvious springboard for partisan political ploys.

Most Americans express sorrow, sympathy and compassion after tragedies, as in the outpouring of prayer and support following the Boston Marathon bombings. Those sentiments may give way to some form of action, but few Americans react the way true Leftists such as our president do: as seeing tragedy as an opportunity to accomplish political bucket list priorities.

There were certainly other reasons behind this colossal failure, such as putting Biden in control (they called him “shoot ’em with a shotgun Joe”) of messaging, and failing to make any logical connection between background checks and how they might have saved the students in Newtown. But Americans have had enough of this president and his agenda to twist events around to fit his agenda. And it’s about time.

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