Thankfully no one is calling it the “second Boston Massacre.” There is no connection whatever between what happened there in 1770 and what happened yesterday.

But I have some thoughts, and some reassuring comments from the Heritage Foundation as well. At first I was angered that there was another on by forces unknown. The attacks were carefully thought out to do as much damage as possible. They were well-funded and well-coordinated. The that the police, at the moment, have no suspects but only a “person of interest” in custody suggests that the perps will likely get away scot-free. And I’m glad that weren’t involved. But more than that is mere speculation and I refuse to go there.

James Carafano of Heritage put things into some perspective:

America is at its best when it faces adversity with courage, confidence, and determination. That recipe of “what makes us who we are” holds for hurricanes, disasters, and tragedies like the one that occurred during yesterday’s Marathon.

I was touched by learning that some of the marathoners offered to give blood to help the wounded. They were selfless and so typically American.

Secondly, wrote Carafano, we should not go beyond what we know:

Our assessments and speculation on what to do next should not outpace what we know. Even very authoritative-sounding reports issued from the scene or shared by on-scene reporters or witnesses may turn out to be inaccurate. That has already proven the case in with conflicting reports on the number of explosions, claims of suspects in custody, and statements about unexploded devices being recovered.

It’s smart to take precautions for similar events. There is a marathon in Pittsburg in a few weeks and one in London this coming weekend. It’s also prudent to be aware that America’s open society is attractive to those who consider us to be their enemy. I hope that security professionals don’t take this Boston as an excuse to impose excessive restrictions in the name of security. Life is risky no matter what precautions are taken.

The best precaution is always to be in “yellow” – that state of mind that is alert to possibilities, a raised state of awareness of our surroundings – and avoid “white” when out in public. The police can’t be everywhere. Thankfully, neither can the bad guys.

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