Politico thinks that Obama is going to enact, perhaps through an executive order, a “national renewable energy portfolio standard” – a federal mandate that a certain percentage of the country’s energy needs be provided from “renewable sources,” like wind turbine farms, and the like.

As Christopher Booker noted (and I quoted yesterday):

Wind farms [are] … one of the greatest and most dangerous political delusions of our time … a colossal delusion … the greatest mistake in our history … they are one of the most inefficient means of producing electricity ever devised.

Of course someone has to pay for this and since the government has nothing which it hasn’t taken from taxpayers, they get to foot the bill. It’s actually two bills, though: direct government subsidies to losers in the “renewables industry” and higher utility bills. It’s a double whammy.

Several states have already mandated certain percentages of energy that must be generated from those highly inefficient and unpredictable sources, and so it’s easy to measure just how high those bills would likely be for the rest of us if such a mandate from on high were declared: about 40% higher. Here’s this from Politico:

The increased energy costs produced by renewable mandates are passed along to consumers in the form of higher utility bills. According to the Institute for  Energy Research, utility bills in states with a renewable energy portfolio  standard (RPS) are 40 percent higher on average than in states without one.

One of those states that fell for the scam is having second thoughts:

In 2007, North Carolina became the first state in the South to impose a  renewable energy portfolio standard. Since then, two things have occurred: 1)  Enough time has passed that the economic harm wrought by the state’s energy  mandate has become evident and 2) The composition of the state legislature has  become more amenable to repealing misguided like the state’s RPS…

Last month, Representative Mike Hager (R) introduced HB 298, that  would repeal North Carolina’s energy mandate. A companion bill was introduced in  the state senate shortly thereafter.

The writers at Politico think these bills have a good chance of passing because of the jump in utility bills in that state. If repealed, utility bills would come down and job growth would increase. But they couldn’t leave the issue without taking a swing at the progressives who still think renewables are such a good idea that they must be forced onto the populace:

The of many on the Left is on full display in North Carolina this  year. Many of the same lawmakers and organizations who have criticized proposals  to eliminate the state income tax and shift to a consumption tax base as  regressive policy that disproportionately hurts the poor are the very same  people who vehemently support the state’s expensive energy mandate that hits the least among us the hardest.



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