Shayne Heap is the sheriff of Elbert County, Colorado, one of 62 sheriffs who weren’t invited to serve as a backdrop for President Obama’s latest trip to Denver to push for his gun controls. Instead, Heap took the opportunity to vent his spleen at Obama’s hypocrisy and it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

He said “it’s too bad these tragic events have only served to be a launching point for political agendas and grand standing … to make laws that are constitutionally questionable and punitive to -abiding citizens, who’ve done nothing wrong, borders on legislative abuse.”

He added that Obama left Washington, DC, which enjoys the highest murder rate per capita in the country in order to tell how to solve its crime problem and “wants to tell what to do” about it is pure hypocrisy:

We are frustrated with this kind of political hypocrisy.  Mr. Obama has fought vehemently for the right to use drone strikes in foreign countries without cumbersome bureaucratic oversight … [and now wants] to carpet bomb [American] citizens with excessive restrictions.

He continues to fail in addressing the violence in our society, which operates  outside the and outside his broad legislative on Constitutional  rights.

The president is part of the chorus of voices that have no intention of doing anything substantive about violent crime but are bent instead on restricting the freedoms and rights of innocent citizens instead:

[Obama is] part of the choir [in Denver] that leverages tragedy to enact extreme legislation which ignores the root problem of violence…

Heap added that had the laws that Governor Hickenlooper just signed been in operation in Newtown, Connecticut or in Aurora, Colorado, it wouldn’t have had any effect on the shooters. They were able to obtain guns and ammunition and use them against innocents effectively because those innocents were unarmed.

The only thing that would have made Obama’s trip to Denver even more memorable, said Heap, was if he had “a flight suit, an aircraft carrier and a sign proclaiming ‘mission accomplished.'”

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