Let’s be clear about something: CNN is an establishment mouthpiece, having been founded by Ted Turner, that despicable anti- low-life who was married for a while to treacherous Jane Fonda until she allegedly became a Christian. CNN now is owned by Time Warner, another despicable anti- outfit guilty of pumping raw sewage into movie theaters and the living rooms of Americans for decades. So anything that CNN has to say promotes measures and programs that I abhor.

In that light, this piece from CNN about Obama’s budget must be viewed as leaking only things that are favorable to the president, whom I also consider to be an enemy of freedom. The article starts off by saying the his long-awaited budget will have something for everybody: a little for Speaker Boehner, a sop for progressives, and some “adjustments” to and Medicare all in the name of trying to neutralize, and perhaps cancel, the sequester:

President Barack Obama’s upcoming budget will include proposed changes to and Medicare plus some new tax increases, changes that are an effort for the president to reach a deal with Republicans, according to senior administration officials.

The budget will include an offer made to House Speaker John Boehner in December, officials said. That proposal included $400 billion in savings to Medicare over 10 years.

You know this is fake from the start: $400 billion sounds like a lot of money. But in context it’s a rounding error. First, it’s spread over ten years. That’s not $400 billion, that’s $40 billion. But it sounds better if you extend it over ten years.

$40 billion, if it were actually to happen, must then be compared to annual government spending which, for our purposes, is approaching $4 trillion a year. What is a trillion? It’s a thousand billions. Obama’s alleged cut of $40 billion, then, amounts to cutting the budget by one one-thousandth. Say it right, will you please, CNN?

CNN then quotes an unnamed “senior administration official” – someone who has been given the task to leaking some of the details to the prostitute press, but who is unwilling or unable or told not to divulge his name, to avoid unnecessary pushback or exposure – who told CNN:

The President’s budget to be presented on Wednesday [which was due in February – sorry about that] will show how we can invest in the things we need to grow our economy, create jobs and strengthen the middle class while further reducing the in a balanced way.

A fellow could have a field day parsing, dissecting and obliterating the misstatements, half-truths and just plain damn lies in that single sentence. I’m that fellow, and here goes: “invest”? How does the government “invest” in anything? First by taking from some poor schnook who made his money the hard way, and handing it over to the government by threat from people with badges and guns, who then proceeds to spend his money on projects that help friends of the president – his cronies. We know how successfully the government has been with previous “investments”, don’t we: think solar, think green, think wind, think losses and failures and bankruptcies..

Second, “the things we need to grow our economy.” What things, exactly? And how would “we” know what they are? Is the government an expert in knowing how to grow the economy? If it was so successful, how come the economy is still stuck in neutral after five years of government trying to revive it?

“Create jobs?” Just whose responsibility is that? The government’s? Where does it say that in the Constitution? Oh, sorry, that’s so yesterday, so passé. “Strengthen the middle class?” How does that happen? By taking money from them and giving it someone else? How does that strengthen them?

And “reducing the deficit?” The is growing, not shrinking. This year it’ll be another trillion dollars. And “in a balanced way?” That’s code for more taxes.

CNN must really take us for fools.

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