George Brauchler is the district attorney for Arapahoe County, where entered a theatre last year and started shooting the innocent and unarmed viewers and where Holmes has just asked for a bargain: a life sentence in exchange for an admission of guilt.

No way, said Brauchler: “The defendant knows he is guilty, the defense attorneys know he is guilty and … both of them know that he was not criminally insane … It is my determination and my intention that in this case, for James Eagan Holmes, justice is death.”

He had already announced his intention to go for the death penalty in an editorial piece he wrote for The Denver Post over the weekend. He explained that it is only fair to ask for the death penalty in certain cases:

It is that a criminal’s sentence potentially may be enhanced based on the heinous nature of their act, the number of victims, the age and type of  victim, and whether the offender is  a repeat offender. A third DUI is punished more harshly than a first. A spree involving numerous burglaries leads to a longer sentence than a single break-in. Assaulting a child is more aggravated than the same assault on an adult. A convicted felon who commits a new crime is incarcerated longer than a first-time offender. One size does not fit all. This is justice.

Brauchler has a way with words. Without the death penalty,

acts similar to those in Newtown, Conn., or the acts of Tim McVeigh being punished no differently than a single murder of one gang member by another. Each  murder after the first would be a freebie. This is not justice…

There would be no disincentive for inmates serving life sentence from killing each other or prison guards, because the result of such evil would be … the  loss of cable TV? Less Jell-O at dinner? No more shooting hoops outside? This is not justice, and it makes our community less safe.

That’s why he wants the death penalty for Holmes. Anything less would make a mockery of the law, and of justice.














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