Mountain Lion (2)

Here kitty, kitty! (Photo credit: Beyond the Trail)

A mountain lion might eat my dog. I live less than a mile from where the attack occurred. A man was walking his dachshund when a mountain lion attacked the dog, tore his leash from the owner's hand, and ate him.

It was small comfort to the bereaved owner that the cat was later trapped and killed. Shannon Vall who lives nearby and walks her German short-haired pointer Cana in the same area, said “We haven't seen any [cats] ourselves” but she knows a neighbor who has, and carries a gun for protection.

Just one more reason.

Here are some more

  1. Merely carrying reduces crime.
  2. Jesus said it's OK. See Luke 22:36.
  3. The Department of says I have a one-in-four chance of being a victim of violent crime in my lifetime. Since I'm 73 and I haven't yet been a victim, my chances are improving every day.
  4. Home invasions are up. A friend of mine was murdered in her home last year by a piece of filth. She lived less than a mile away. He killed her, dragged her body out into the woods and set it on fire. He's in jail. Small comfort.
  5. Those who resist with a gun are less likely to be injured that those who don't.
  6. I have a sticker on my doors that show that I'm armed. I certainly wouldn't want to lie about a thing like that.
  7. The is like a muscle. If it isn't used, it goes away.
  8. Carrying keeps me humble and aware.
  9. Early release of violent criminals.
  10. Police arrive on the scene to make notes of what happened.
  11. Criminals have regardless of .
  12. Shootings in public places where I like to go, like shopping malls and movie theaters.
  13. A gun is lighter than regret.
  14. There are evil people out there. (See #4)
  15. It evens the odds.
  16. It's a communications tool.

There are more, but these will do for a start.

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