In light of the oppression coming from Denver in the form of laws, Magpul, a manufacturer of magazines located near Boulder for those dreaded “assault” rifles, has decided to undertake a remarkable marketing ploy that supports gun ownership, enhances its own reputation, and pokes liberals in the eye with a very sharp stick. You can’t do much better than that.

It has announced “a campaign based on the Berlin Airlift to help Coloradoans “trapped inside occupied territory” to  purchase large-capacity magazines before the Legislature passes a series of  gun-control bills next week. The company calls it the “Boulder Airlift”:

In anticipation of the magazine ban, Magpul has announced a project it calls  the “Boulder Airlift” in its latest newsletter. The company said the project  imitates the Berlin Airlift, which flew in supplies to West Berlin after the  Soviets prevented the city from getting needed provisions in the days following  World War II.

“Similar to the Berlin Airlift, the Boulder Airlift will bring much-needed  supplies to freedom-loving residents trapped inside occupied territory,” the  letter said. “While we plan to initially use FedEx or UPS instead of aerial  delivery, we figure that $5 flat rate shipping will make up for any loss of  ‘style points.’”

It goes on to explain the company is permitting Colorado residents to create  a special account to purchase magazines prior to the ban.

It is making special provisions for its customers to purchase these items online before the laws go into effect in July:

If the pending state legislation limiting sales and transfers of standard  capacity magazines does pass, we will not be the only ones affected; Colorado  residents’ right to purchase and transfer standard capacity magazines will be  infringed in the near future,” the [company’s] newsletter said. “With that in mind, we are  beginning a program to help as many residents of our home state as we can, while  we still can. To meet this need, we have set up a process for CO residents to  purchase limited quantities of magazines from our website.”

It is also selling its products at “bargain basement” prices which means that it will please its customers who have watched as prices elsewhere for such items have skyrocketed in response to the impending restrictions. Magazines that cost upwards of $50 at gun shows will be available online for $12.95 to $19.95, depending on size and model.

Magpul has threatened to move its manufacturing operations out of Colorado in response to the new laws:

The company has warned lawmakers that if the magazine ban passes, they will  be forced to relocate to another state.

“If we’re able to stay in Colorado and manufacture a product, but law-abiding  citizens of the state were unable to purchase the product, customers around the  state and the nation would boycott us for remaining here,” said Doug Smith,  chief operating officer for Magpul Industries. “Staying here would hurt our  business.”

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke thinks this whole marketing effort is terrific:

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he applauds Magpul’s efforts to help the  state’s residents.

“I think their project is great. They recognize the unfair limitations that  legislatures are putting on Colorado residents when none of the other  surrounding states have a magazine ban. Magpul being a Colorado company, at  least for now, is performing a great service. This is a great thing for the  people of Colorado.”

Cooke said the magazine ban makes no sense, and he noted that his department  has never had a situation that involved criminals using high-capacity  magazines.

The sheriff has been an outspoken advocate for the during  his time in office. Recently he declared his office had no intention to enforce  any of ’s executive orders on gun control.

“I’m not going to help him in any way,” Cooke said. “I’m not going to enforce  it because it’s unenforceable and because I don’t have the resources. The  doesn’t have the resources.”

It’s sad that Progressives are so successfully promoting their agenda with other purposes in mind than reducing crime, and that there’s so little effective opposition to their moves. But Magpul has pulled a brilliant maneuver and for that I applaud them.


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