This from Godfather Politics will likely outrage you. It outraged me. This guy is a petty tyrant. According to Wikipedia he is the 10th richest man in the United States. He owns 88 percent of Bloomberg LP. You no doubt watch Bloomberg Television. That’s the guy. He’s also the Mayor of New York City. In addition, he’s a tyrant and Godfather proves it:

Over a year ago, New  York Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched his war against sugar and  obesity.  Since then, his power and wealth have gone to his head and  flushed out any the man had.

For example, in March of 2011, Bloomberg launched his food campaign on the  food and meals being donated  to the homeless.  Restaurants and stores would donate good food to  groups that would use it to feed the homeless.  But not so fast says the  food lord, it has to be inspected to make sure the serving sizes are not too  big, does not have too much salt, fat or calories and that it does have a  certain amount of fiber. If the food does not meet Herr Bloomberg’s manifesto,  it is tossed and the homeless will go hungry.

You remember how he issued new mandates about the sizes of sodas?

Next, the supreme food began attacking sugary drinks and restricting  what sizes can be sold by businesses.  He has attacked foods and drinks  with high sugar, salt or trans fats.

He says pizza delivery guys cannot deliver a pizza with 2-liter size sodas:

In his latest venture in obsessive compulsive that borders on the  edge of paranoia schizophrenia, he has issued yet another edict that violates  the and freedoms of the citizens and businesses of New York City.   Pizza deliveries will no longer be allowed to deliver a 2  liter bottle of Coke or any other soda with their pizzas.

And now he wants to control kids’ birthday parties:

Worse yet, places like Chuck E. Cheese’s will no longer be able to serve soda in  a pitcher for events like kids’  birthday parties.  The parents will be forced to buy individual cups of  soda for each person instead of buying by the pitcher.

Giacomo, writing for Godfather , gets it right about Bloomberg:

Bloomberg believes that his immense wealth gives him the power and authority to  infringe on the of people to make their own decisions or decisions  involving their own children.  He also believes that he has the right to  dictate to businesses what they can and can’t do, based on his own warped sense  of personal values…

Bloomberg is an extreme control freak in a very dangerous position.  In  some ways, his dictatorial edicts make him worse that Adolf Hitler, Joseph  Stalin, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin and Pol Pot.  In his effort to save lives  from obesity, guns and addiction to pain meds, he is killing the and  freedoms of millions of people and businesses.

That’s what tyrants do. Bloomberg is just the most obvious reminder.
















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