I watch Armslist.com regularly to see how the market is behaving in light of the threats, both real (in Denver) and imagined (in Washington), to gun ownership by Progressives (read: totalitarians). The activity there has notched up considerably over the last few months.

One of my favorites to watch is the market in Glock pistols. I’ve just finished reading Living with Glocks: The Complete Guide to the New Standard in Combat Handguns by Robert Boatman, and GLOCK: The Rise of America’s Gun by Paul Barrett. So I’m more sensitive to that market. These are great reads, by the way.

Today’s Armslist.com listing, sorted by “city” [Colorado Springs], “for sale,” “private” and “manufacturer,” contains 12 listings, mostly for the more popular models: the G30, the G17 and the G19. Sometimes you’ll see a less popular model for sale. But these are what’s up for sale today.

Two weeks ago there weren’t any. Nothing was for sale. There were numerous offers to buy: “WTB: I have cash. What have you got? I’m a buyer. Text me. Leave a message. I’ll get back to you right away.”  Those have almost all disappeared.

And prices are starting to come back down. I’ve seen some Glocks being offered at close to a thousand dollars. In normal times (i.e., two months ago) you could buy a brand new Generation 4 Glock for $500. Plus shipping, of course. Plus a background check at a local FFL dealer willing to receive your purchase from the online store.

Today prices are back down close to normal: $600, $650, etc.

This tells me that the worst is over. The perceived risk of governments taking away our guns or at least prohibiting us from buying new ones, is over. And since perception is reality, things are returning to normal.

It’s how the works when it’s allowed to, even with Glocks.

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