The old bumper sticker, “I love my country but fear my government” used to apply, so I thought, to the federal government. I thought, naively it turns out, that the state government would resist the temptation to become like the federal government: intrusive, overweening, ignoring freedom and individual rights, etc. I was wrong.

Last night the totalitarians in Denver decided to pass all four of the progressive gun control measures despite noisy objections from the Republicans and gun owners. The progressives are going to impose their will on law-abiding citizens by turning them into criminals and lawbreakers.

Even Joe Biden is involved. Any idea that Denver would resist Washington has evaporated. According to the Denver Post Biden called the Democratic leadership late last night just to see how things were going. He was told there were going well, thank you, nice of you to call.

Here are the bills that will be passed by the House officially on Monday:

1. House Bill 1224: limits magazines to 15 rounds.

2. House Bill 1229: universal background checks for all gun sales or transfers.

3. House Bill 1228: gun buyers to pay for their own background checks.

4. House Bill 1226: gun-free zones to be imposed in all campus buildings, even for concealed carry permit holders

They all irk me, but the one that irks me the most is No. 2: universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers. Let’s talk about this for a minute. Just how is this going to work? A lot of people use the web to connect with buyers and sellers. A popular one is Will the state of hire sting enablers to cruise these sites and pose as buyers or sellers? And if they do, then will they attempt to snare unsuspecting buyers and sellers by offering to buy or sell without saying anything about getting a background check first? Is that what we have come to in Colorado? Or how about those who have 17-round magazines already in their possession? Are they going to turn them in? To where? Who will do the collecting? Who will do the checking to make sure they have turned them all in? Go house to house? They will need search warrants, won’t they? Or has that little nicety gone away too?

The government I fear now is the one in Denver, not the one in Washington.

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