I’m no expert reader of the political tea leaves but this article from the Washington Times makes perfect sense to me: by the time the dust settles, Obama’s efforts to move along the road to gun confiscation will come to very little, and probably nothing at all.

cheerleaders are doing the best they can, but it’s an echo chamber: no one is listening at the other end. Here’s this from Rep. Chris Van Hollen ( Index rating: 10):

This was clearly the most powerful moment of the speech, and the president’s right. I mean, if Speaker Boehner and others want to vote “no,” go  ahead and do it, but do it in the light of day. Don’t try to hide from the American people. And [I] think that’s what people are looking for, a little  honesty in the debate, not people trying to, you know, put proposals in the drawer and hide from accountability and responsibility.

And this from Rep. Xavier Becerra, a California who sports a sparkling 18 Index rating:

Don’t hold things up because you don’t like them ideologically. Don’t stifle progress simply because you don’t like the way the bill looks or the issue sounds. Give people a chance  to vote, and then let’s decide. We have a choice in this country, of  choice, to decide yes, no, or present, and so let’s vote.

Be careful what you ask for, Messrs. Van Hollen and Becerra, because you just might get it: nothing. The article quoted some mush from Speaker Boehner and then revealed the true state of affairs in the House:

A few House Republicans have signed onto legislation dealing with tougher  penalties for gun trafficking — a relatively low-profile measure that stands a much better chance of passing than, for example, a ban on high-capacity magazines.

After all is said and done, much more will have been said and much less will have been done. Gun owners will be able to relax (a little) and prices in the aftermarket (i.e., Armslist.com) will begin to come back down. The net effect? There will be more gun owners owning more and ammo than ever before, and they’ll be on higher alert than ever for such shenanigans by venal politicians like Van Hollen and Becerra in the future. Good job, guys.

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