The night before Obama’s State of the Union speech, Gallup released a sobering poll: most Americans disapprove of most everything is doing on almost every issue. The only area where they support him is “national defense,” 53-44, but that was before North Korea’s latest nuclear test and Obama’s determination to reduce the US stockpile of nuclear weapons. On everything else, they disapprove:

Foreign affairs: 46-48

Immigration: 46-48

policy: 44-46

Gun policy: 42-54

Taxes: 41-57

The economy: 39-60

The Middle East: 36-55

The deficit: 31-65

Gallup makes some relevant comments on his gun policy. He is determined to plow ahead with his plans here despite Americans’ increasing unhappiness with them:

After the Newtown, Conn., mass school shootings in December, has enacted a series of new executive actions and has proposed new legislation designed to control gun violence. He has also deputized Vice President Joe Biden to focus much of his time on these gun-related efforts. Still, the president at this point receives a relatively modest 42% job approval rating on handling gun policy, well below his overall average and certainly not at the top of the list of current issues measured. (my emphasis)

doesn’t care. He has an agenda and he’s going to force it onto the citizenry. like these mean nothing to him.

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