Everything author Jeff Wright does is deliberate, including the title of his latest book. It is singular, not plural. It is pointed, not generalized. And it asks the reader if he is ready, or not.

Ever since leaving the Navy as a cryptologist and his position as managing general partner for an information technology consulting company, Wright has been a political activist. In 1992 he worked behind the scenes in Colorado on the passing of the constitutional amendment called TABOR – the Taxpayer Bill of Rights – that mandates that state and local governments cannot raise tax rates without voter approval. He co-authored another state constitutional amendment, TaxCut2000. He directed the “Just Say No to New Taxes” campaign in 1997 which defeated nearly $1.2 billion in new taxes.

In 2004 he worked closely with author William C. Clark by providing extensive research for his book “Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar,” which made the case that the invasion of was the first “oil currency war.”

Time and circumstance coalesced in the summer of 2011 when this reviewer suggested that Wright lift his pen once again to teach others how to influence the direction of history in the fight for freedom. 1600 man-hours later Wright’s book was published on Amazon and is available in hardbound and Kindle editions.

The first half of his book is a refresher course in recent history interlaced with often profound insights Wright gained as an activist. He changes the reader’s thinking about the current recession, calling it the Grand Correction instead of the Great Recession. He elucidates the WARBI Paradox: the simple concept that the enablers (as he calls them) of the current crisis are being “enabled” by the very ones being manipulated. The WARBI  principle is the recognition that “we-are-run-by-idiots” and the paradox is that the victims have allowed those idiots to get away with it. Here’s Wright, from page 141:

Everyone … is enabling it to one degree or another. The workers may be absolutely correct in stating that their bosses are acting like idiots. However, they are also idiots for permitting that sort of behavior.

The application of the WARBI Paradox is self-evident: taxpayers are paying more in because they are allowing the enablers to enact them.

His “quick” tutorial on rights (Chapter 12) is a masterpiece. He notes that natural and God-given rights are no stumbling block to the Founders who merged both “into a single concept of governance … We hold these truths to be self-evident…”.

Public schools have for all intents and purposes eliminated any rational and intelligent discussion of the matter. “There has been,” according to Wright, “a conscious and deliberate attempt to mislead citizens.” And that has been made easier by the students in those schools being “unwilling to think for themselves.” Wright calls this “the blissful convenience of ignorance.”

He clarifies, once and for all, the difference between alienable and unalienable rights: “Unalienable cannot be given up or contracted away. Alienable rights can be…”

But the meat of the matter is found beginning in Chapter 17 and it is here that the reader discovers, if he hasn’t suspected it beforehand, that Wright’s book is an “operations manual” based on his life experience as a successful political activist. It is not a “call to arms” or a rehash of the American decline. It is instead a “restoration strategy” which is available to anyone still with him. In other words, Wright only wants to speak to those who want to listen. If they are still with him, they are his audience.

Wright starts where Sheriff Mack’s 2009 book “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope,” leaves off. Mack’s book is a call to arms and a reminder to sheriffs of their constitutional authority and responsibility. Wright’s is the “how to” manual for citizens to make sure their local sheriff pledges to uphold that responsibility. Notes Wright:

Most County Sheriffs have little better understanding of the organizing principles of the Republic, or the State and US constitutions, or their  own County charters, that does the average citizen.

This must change for there to be any hope of successfully accomplishing the great task of restoring the Republic.

From page 293 Wright’s words are electric:

The sheriff is the highest elected officer in the country, even when the President of the United States, or the State’s Governor, are [physically present] in his county.

Any … federal, state or local police officer or enforcement officer must report to the Sheriff for jurisdictional review and approval before they can execute their warrants or orders…

This is not a fluke, a historical error or a misreading of the Constitution. It is a fundamental and deliberate design in our form of government [deliberately designed] to protect the of the People.

The next two pages outline the citizen’s strategy – not the citizens’ strategy – to begin the process of awakening the sheriff to his responsibilities and providing him with the support he’ll need as the fight for enters the last days.

As Wright winds down he reminds his reader once again that he is only speaking to a very few, the remnant:

There is a dawning awareness by a growing segment of the population that the present … systems are thoroughly corrupted, debased and ineffectual.

He warns:

If you are still reading these pages, you should by now have no confidence whatever that this situation can be resolved painlessly…

Believing that there is some magic potion that we can imbibe, or that a fairy godmother will wave her magic wand and make everything better, is [just] the sort of wishful thinking that prevents people from undertaking any constructive actions…

But Wright is talking to the remnant, just those individuals who can see past what’s coming and into a time when justice is restored, government is hemmed in once again by the Constitution, and people can begin once again to live their lives quietly and peaceably.

Concludes Wright:

The American Remnant is the core group of citizens who still remember and understand the foundational ideals, principles and goals of the Republic.

Those numbered in the American Remnant will discover this book by themselves. They are looking for answers and solutions, unlike the passive sheep in our population. If you are part of the American Remnant, this message is for you.



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