This will be a “participatory” article, meaning that if you want to know more about any of these incidents you’ll need to click through to get it.

John Hawkins feels the way I do about the media: I wouldn’t buy a used car from most of them, at least not without having it checked out by my mechanic first. He says it a little differently:

The best friend of a rapist or a potential Adam Lanza is the advocate who’s working tirelessly to insure that their targets can’t adequately defend themselves.

They are … hypocrites who want men with guns to protect themselves when they’re in trouble, but want to prevent other law-abiding citizens from defending themselves…

So Hawkins has done a search of recent stories of people with guns protecting themselves and others that the media has glossed over or ignored altogether. I consider this a public service in defending the right to self defense.

Here they are:

1. Ogden, Utah. February 12, 2007. Trolley Square shopping mall. The started shooting people. Two off-duty cops were there and ended the spree. The shooter died. Here’s the link:

2.  Atlanta, Georgia. January 31, 2013. Price Middle School. Unnamed 14-year-old. Started shooting. Armed security guard ended it. Here’s the link:

3. San Antonio, Texas. December 17, 2012. Mayan Palace Theater. Jesus Manuel Garcia started shooting. Armed off-duty policeman ended it. Here’s the link:

4. Portland, Oregon. December 16, 2012. Clackamas Town Center shopping mall. Unnamed shooter. Started shooting. Armed civilian ended the incident. Here’s the link:

5. Springtown, Texas. December 5, 2012. Private residence. Thug wearing hoodie entered home, bent on evil. Armed homeowner ended the incident. Here’s the link:

6. Missouri. January 19, 2012. Private residence. Thug entered home, assaulted 82-year-old homeowner who shot back. Suspect was wounded, captured, charged. Here’s the link:

7. Atlanta, Georgia. January 3, 2013. Private residence. Crook with crowbar enters home. Armed mom shoots him five times. Here’s the link:

8. Phoenix, Arizona. June 23, 2012. Private residence. Thug breaks into the home, bent on evil. Armed 14-year-old boy shot him, ending the matter.  Here’s the link:

9. Atlanta, Georgia. May 12, 2011. Private residence. Thug enters with rape on his mind. Armed woman shoots him 9 times, killing him. Here’s the link:

10. St. Louis, Missouri. January 9, 1985. Private residence. Armed homeowner stops rape in progress with shotgun. Here’s the link:

If you’re attacked in your home and aren’t armed, send the thug over to me. I’ll deal with him.


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