I live in Colorado Springs, located in El Paso County, and I have some good news to share: the County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) has just issued a position paper in response to the knee-jerk liberals’ attempts to foist their gun control agenda onto innocent citizens as their predictable cockeyed solution to the “problem” of “mass shootings.” I’m very glad to report that the CSOC has seen through the deception on both the federal and state level and have taken a strong and greatly appreciated position regarding the Second Amendment.

Here are some of the relevant parts from their paper:

We do not believe that these tragedies should be us as a backdrop [excuse] to advance gun control legislation…

CSOC is committed to public safety and faithful to our oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the State of Colorado and the United States Constitution including the Second Amendment.

It was in this spirit of commitment to Colorado residents and our Constitution[s] that the County Sheriffs of Colorado voted … to oppose suggested state legislation that may limit rights…

CSOC will not waver in our defense of the Constitution and will stand to preserve every constituent’s right to possess a firearm…

Their paper concluded:

The County Sheriffs of Colorado … urge our state elected officials not to make decisions during this grieving period because it would likely lead to policies that are unenforceable and possibly unconstitutional, while punishing law-abiding citizens and doing nothing to reduce violent crime.

Signed: Sheriff Fred McKee, President

In addition I just learned that more than 300 teachers have just completed a firearms training course offered by the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) in Windsor, Colorado. Dudley Brown, RMGO’s executive director, said,

Colorado teachers have been beating down our doors to receive firearms training. They don’t want to be a victim of the next Adam Lanza. They came here for training tonight because they want the next Adam Lanza to face the barrel of a .45.

And still more good news: This class coincided with the introduction of a bill in the Colorado State Senate, the Colorado Teacher Carry Bill, which would give school boards the freedom to allow teachers to carry a firearm as long as they have a Concealed Permit which will no doubt be gladly issued by the members of the CSOC. Colorado is a “shall-issue” state.

Hooray for the CSOC, and the RMGO. Hooray for the teachers. Hooray for common sense.

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