I outlined her bill, and her intentions, here. It’s clear that she means what she says, and intends the results of her actions: disarming the American people, leaving them defenseless against government tyranny. I tried to get inside her head a little bit, but have concluded simply that she is a totalitarian, and thinks somehow she will survive as part of the elite if she succeeds in turning the country into a dictatorship. She doesn’t know her history, I’m afraid, that when a dictatorship is established, many of those “enablers” and “useful idiots” like Feinstein will be dispensed with, with prejudice.

But for now, all she is doing is mourning the inevitable defeat her bill is facing. The AP put it well:

Feinstein, D-Calif., on Thursday introduced a bill that would prohibit 157 specific and ammunition magazines that have more than 10 rounds. The White House and fellow Democrats are skeptical the measure is going anywhere, given lawmakers who are looking toward re-election might fear pro-gun voters and the National Rifle Association.

She admits that it’s going nowhere: “This has always been an uphill fight. This has never been easy. This is the hardest of the hard.”

And the NRA isn’t making it any easier for her either. She calls them “venal”:

They come after you. They put together large amounts of money to defeat you… The NRA is venal.

Here’s how the Oxford English Dictionary defines venal:

The quality or of being for sale.

The quality of being venal; readiness to give support or favor in return for profit or reward; prostitution of talents or principles for mercenary considerations.

The NRA didn’t like that, of course, and responded, claiming that Feinstein is neither “decent” nor “logical”:

“The NRA is a grass-roots organization. We have more than 4 million dues-paying members and tens of millions of supporters all across this country. Our political power comes from them. Decent and logical people would understand that,” spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said.

Despite her bill being taken up on Wednesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, it’s going nowhere. Even rabid anti-gunner New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly agrees: “It’s probably a heavy lift in Congress.”

Just a quick question: Where are the bills from Republicans to repeal the Act of 1968? Hmm?


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