Fox News took a poll last week, and discovered an astonishing fact: two-thirds of those polled said they would defy the rather than give them up!¬† Here’s the exact wording of the question asked of 1,000 registered voters: “If the government passed a to take your guns, would you give up your guns or defy the law and keep your guns?” 65% said they would defy the law.

Even more interesting when you look at the actual breakdown, more than half of those who call themselves Democrats would defy the law! And 70% of the men, regardless of party affiliation, ¬†would defy the law. It gets even better: of those polled who consider themselves “liberal” 59% said they would defy the law.

So where is the support for Feinstein’s bill? Where is the support for Obama’s agenda? Surely Feinstein and know that Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, isn’t going to push for it. He has made too many promises to the gun owners in Nevada and he likes being endorsed by the NRA. Reuters has said as much:

As recently as Sunday, Reid expressed doubt about an ban…

“Is (a ban on assault weapons) something that can pass the Senate? Maybe,” Reid said in an interview with a television affiliate in Las Vegas. “Is it something that can pass the House? I doubt it.”

On Capitol Hill, Reid’s message was interpreted to mean that he would not ask Senate Democrats to support the ban, or other measures that would anger conservatives in their home states, if those measures had no chance of passing the House anyway.

There are brief moments when I despair that the steamroller can’t be stopped. I ask, where is the resistance? Who is going to put his foot down and say, “No! Hell no! Over my dead body!” And then along comes a liberal Democrat (Harry Reid’s voting record gives him a disgusting 18 Freedom Index rating) who stands up to The Man.

An anonymous Republican aide told Reuters, “ is a smart guy. To gun activists, banning assault weapons sounds too much like, ‘The government is trying to take away my guns.’ It is not going to fly.”

The Founders were right. Competing interests and informed activists will stop the steamroller. Hurray for Harry Reid.

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