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The Times editorial board, a collective effort of liberals who write for the mouthpiece of the establishment, has written about how the states are responding to Obama’s orders. They look at what’s happening in the states, just as I do, and come out on the exact opposite end, concluding that what the states are doing is just awful.

Let’s look:

Republicans introduced a bill in the Wyoming Legislature to block any federal limitation on firearms, such as an assault ban. A federal agent seeking to enforce such a ban would be guilty of a felony and face five years in prison…

A similar bill filed in Tennessee would also make federal gun enforcement a state crime…

Inevitably, a bill like Wyoming’s has been filed in Texas. And, in Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant announced that [his] state would block federal gun measures.

I consider each of these as worthy efforts. It’s based on the premise that the states are sovereign, and granted limited powers to the federal government under the Constitution. The Second Amendment was put in place to make sure that the federal (national) government kept its hands off the citizens’ guns. The First Amendment begins, “Congress shall make no law…” while the Second Amendment implies the same thing: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed [by the Congress].”

The editorial board at the Times, however, thinks the Civil War settled everything in favor of the creature now ruling the creators. Listen:

This ludicrous bill [in Wyoming] would be laughable if the idea weren’t spreading…

There’s no point in telling these fanatics that federal gun restrictions are completely constitutional…or that federal law pre-empts state law.

They already know [that] these bills will be enforceable.

And this is doing “enormous damage” already:

Already, states like these have done enormous damage to public safety by acceding to the N.R.A.’s demands for laws that are anything but symbolic. The gun lobby hasn’t been content with the ability of Americans to lawfully possess hundreds of millions of handguns and assault rifles. It wants gun owners to be able to carry these anywhere they want, even among children, concealed or displayed, and preferably without the annoyance of permits, background checks, or safety precautions.

Ah, yes, it’s that villainous NRA forcing states to create these laws. And the NRA’s actions “defy logic”:

After the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, the N.R.A. defied logic and pushed a bill to allow guns on college campuses. Thanks to help from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative organization of state lawmakers to which the N.R.A. contributes heavily, five states now allow campus guns. Only nine states prohibit guns at sporting events, and just 26 prohibit them where alcohol is served.

Why, it’s even worse:

Wisconsin actually allows guns in the public gallery that looks down on the state assembly, and the N.R.A. pressured lawmakers last week to keep it that way.

And worse:

The N.R.A. and the American Legislative Exchange Council were behind the “stand your ground” laws that allow people to shoot others if they believe they are in danger, which has led to hundreds of deaths while allowing killers to walk free.

And then, the Coup de grâce, the “study” that shows lax laws kill innocents:

Of the 10 states with the most restrictive laws, seven also have the lowest gun death rates, according to a study by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Enough is enough. You can see that what we have here, again, is a failure to communicate as a result of widely divergent world views. That’s fine. We can agree to disagree. But the Times isn’t free to make up facts. It doesn’t have the right to lie and call it truth. Just who is the “Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence?” Is it some objective group of truth-seekers interested in shining the light of day into dark corners to help us understand better how the world really works?

Nope. When I typed in “Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence” in my search engine, guess what came up: the Brady Campaign, formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc.

So the Times is decrying efforts by the states to push back against federal tyranny, and calling it bad. I call it good. Same facts, different conclusion. This is where the war is being fought.

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