Time is running out. So says liberal college professor Robert Spitzer at the New York Daily News. knows that time is not on his side. He knows that with each passing moment the fake, phony, hyperenergized rantings from his kept will fade away. Now is the time. Spitzer explains:

Taking lessons from the past few instances when stronger gun laws won enactment  from Congress, the political answer is simple: blitzkrieg, meaning overwhelming force rapidly applied at a narrow and vulnerable point.

It's only when the iron is the hottest that it can be made to bend. But with the passing of time also goes the passing of the opportunity:

Yet the political opportunity is a narrow window indeed. Three weeks after the  Columbine shooting, the -controlled Senate approved a package of gun  control measures (including closing the gun show loophole that is now a part of  Obama's plan).

The Republican-controlled House took another month, and while they could not avoid bringing the measure to the floor, the clock continued to tick. By June 18, when the final, critical floor votes were held, the public's attention was turning toward summer vacation. The measure was defeated, as the  time delay proved fatal.

He thinks Obama's blitzkrieg – I won't dignify his use of that particular word as it relates to the German war strategy under Herr Hitler, tempted though I might be – will peter out:

The final component — as with blitzkrieg on the battlefield — is speed. Public outrage stands squarely behind Obama's actions now, but it will slip inexorably away as attentions gradually turn, as they inevitably will, to other matters.

And there are plenty of other matters to distract the booboisie: the , the end of the latest continuing resolution to keep the government afloat, the sequestration fantasy. Most taxpayers are focused on getting along with less in their paychecks thanks to the passage of the fiscal cliff “solution.”

Spitzer is on the side of striking now while the iron is hot:

[Passing] new gun measures will be tough going — as they historically have been — and  success is by no means assured. But the time to act is now, and doing nothing is no longer an option.















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