Gary North put me onto this. He used it as a way to introduce the idea that liberal thinking is not logical and as a result attempts to change their thinking simply won’t work. A friend and I tried recently to explore the thinking of a liberal before an audience of 50. We succeeded only in concluding that it’s difficult, often impossible, to communicate with them.

Here’s an example that will give you a headache. After reading it several times, it gave me one. It’s a to Matt Drudge’s placing photos of Hitler over a headline about Obama’s threat to use executive orders to impose on America if Congress won’t do it. Here’s the link to that photo.

The response in Salon magazine by Alex Seitz-Wald needs to be read in its entirety for the full effect. He even links to others who conclude that laws had little to do with Jews and the holocaust. But the primary comment, the one that gave me the headache, is this one:

The 1938 signed by Hitler that LaPierre mentions in his book basically does the opposite of what he says it did. “The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition,” Harcourt wrote. Meanwhile, many more categories of people, including Nazi party members, were exempted from gun ownership regulations altogether, while the legal age of purchase was lowered from 20 to 18, and permit lengths were extended from one year to three years.

The law did prohibit Jews and other persecuted classes from owning guns, but this should not be an indictment of in general. Does the fact that Nazis forced Jews into horrendous ghettos indict urban planning? Should we eliminate all police officers because the Nazis used police officers to oppress and kill the Jews? What about public works — Hitler loved public works projects? Of course not. These are merely implements that can be used for good or ill, much as gun advocates like to argue about themselves. If guns don’t kill people, then neither does gun control cause genocide (genocidal regimes cause genocide).

Did you get that? It took me several readings to sift through it. Finally, I got it. The 1938 gun law did prohibit Jews from owning guns, but that had nothing to do with their ability to defend themselves against the SS. Here’s the kicker: if don’t kill people, then neither do laws result in genocide.

As I said, what we have here is a failure to communicate. It’s better to pick someone who isn’t so committed to error with whom to have an intelligent conversation.

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