Where do successful mass shootings occur?

Where do successful mass shootings occur? (Photo credit: KAZVorpal)

Prohibition of anything, it appears, just doesn’t work. In the U.S. prohibition of alcohol started with the Volstead Act in January 1920 which was intended to enforce the Eighteenth Amendment. It took just a little over 13 years before prohibition was repealed with passage of the Twenty-First Amendment in December, 1933 with the simple words: “The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.”

Now the fools who dominate the discussion in Washington want to prohibit guns. No news there. They’ve wanted to eliminate private ownership ever since the National Firearms Act of 1934. Some would point to even older history: the Dred Scott decision in 1857. But with the ratcheting up of gun (people) control, thanks to the media’s incessant drumbeat in coordination with the administration, some people are scared that guns will be prohibited.

Not a chance.

J.D. Tuccille is the managing editor of Reason and his latest comments are persuasive and comforting. He starts by reminding us that the war on grass – weed, drugs, marijuana – is failing because it increasingly doesn’t have the support of the people:

The is a decades-old cliché in the United States, yet 42 percent of us have smoked grass and 16 percent of us have tried cocaine — the highest percentages recorded internationally by the World Health Organization.

Historically prohibition just simply doesn’t work when sufficient numbers of citizens don’t support it. Says Tuccille:

Prohibitions have a wonderfully long track record of abject failure when it comes to eliminating, or even reducing the availability of, the things and behaviors at which they are targeted.

And now the has provided more options: 3D printing technology that’s gaining traction. Others have written about this extensively, but the comments from a spokesman of one of the companies making the printers, Automaker, nailed it: “We do not promote guns, but we cannot control the use of [our] product.”

It’s all good news. Tuccille concludes:

Bans fail because enough people to whom the prohibitions apply refuse to obey them. Advancing just makes it easier to ignore [those] laws with minimal effort and risk…

It’s tempting to say that the age of prohibition is over, but in terms of practical enforcement, it really never happened at all. Politicians will sputter this year about guns and next year about something else that sticks in their craw. But those of us who don’t want to be restricted won’t be. And is making our quest for continued freedom ever easier.

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