This falls into the “well, of course” category. People will make decisions based on what they perceive to be in their own personal best interests. It’s called “human action” and it’s predictable. So predictable that United Van Lines (UVL) has done a study that confirms it. The top five “moving out of” states are, predictably: New Jersey, Illinois, West Virginia, New York and New Mexico. UVL says it’s because of economics and the weather. They quote an “expert” on the issue, a college professor:

“The United Van Lines Annual Migration study shows the movement of people from frost belt to more sun belt states in the South and West,” said Michael Stoll, economist, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. “While big states such as California, Texas and Florida have more total moves than other states because of their sheer size, other high inbound states such as Washington, D.C., Oregon and the Carolinas may be attractive places to move because of their lower housing costs, more temperate climate, diversified and growing economies, as well as maturing manufacturing bases and high clusters.”

Not one word about forced unionism. We have to go elsewhere to get the rest of the story.  RedState provides it: all five are forced-unionism states:

The fact that forced-union states have been losing taxpayers shouldn’t come as a surprise. The trend has been occurring for decades. Year after year, taxpayers are merely moving to where there is a more favorable climate–both literally and figuratively.

Typically, where there are laws giving union bosses the to force workers to pay unions or be fired, union bosses also have the power to get politicians elected that will raise taxes and enact that make the state unattractive to running a business.

As a result, when businesses find a state hostile to business, they either close or move–leaving fewer in the state.

RedState then picks on New Jersey as the best (or worst) example to prove the point. I’m originally from New Jersey. When we left for Colorado back in 1964 we left for many good reasons. We’ve never looked back. Here’s the situation today in the Garden State:

Despite GOP Governor Chris Christie, the relationship between union bosses and New Jersey’s Democrat politicians is tight.

As an example, State Senate President Steve Sweeney is a union representative and, prior to becoming a getting elected, Chris Christie’s predecessor, disgraced 1%-er Jon Corzine, had a very public relationship with the president of the state’s largest public-sector union that raised numerous questions during his administration.

Now, with the nation’s 4th largest debt among the states ($282 billion in the hole), life for New Jersey’s taxpayers is expensive to say the least–and it does not look like that fact will change anytime soon.

As the nation’s most densely populated state, New Jersey taxpayers are saddled with the highest property taxes in the nation, the Garden State is also rated among the highest business-tax states and falls to within the top ten of states that impose the highest tax burden overall.

And it’s about to get more expensive. Hurricane Sandy destroyed many homes on the Jersey shore that cannot be rebuilt without incurring vastly higher costs due to environmental regulations. A home (according to my brother who lives in Mantoloking) a home that had a market value of $500,000 prior to Sandy will cost $1 million to replace.

It’s not just the unions. It’s the mindset against free markets and the government-knows-best attitude that’s driving (literally) people away.

A lot of them are moving to Colorado, just like we did almost 50 years ago.


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