The is full of “alerts” about how the failure of Congress to continue price supports will result in higher prices for milk, along with other dairy products. Here’s what Dr. Fuhrman, author of “Eat to Live” has to say about the matter:

Out of one pocket, we pay billions of our tax dollars to support the production of expensive, -causing foods. Out of the other pocket, we pay medical bills that are too high because our overweight population consumes too much of these rich, -causing foods.

Our tax dollars are actually used to make our society sicker and keep our health insurance costs high.

He includes milk as one those “rich, -causing foods.” Even 2-percent milk is laden with fat:

So-called low-fat 2 percent milk is not really 2 percent fat. Thirty-five percent of its calories come from fat. They call it 98 percent fat-free (by weight) only because of its water content. (my emphasis)

Low-fat milk is not a low-fat product at all, and neither are low-fat cheeses and other low-fat animal foods when you recalculate their fat on a per calorie percentage basis. This is just a sad trick played on Americans.

Incidentally, 49 percent of the calories in whole milk come from fat.

There are other reasons not to drink milk, low-fat or regular. Writes Fuhrman:

There is a strong association between dairy lactose and ischemic disease. There is also a clear association between…dairy products and cancer…

Dairy fat is also loaded with various toxins and is the primary source of our nation’s high exposure to dioxin…a highly toxic chemical compound that…is a prominent cause of many types of cancer…

For proof, he refers to a study that confirms this:

In April 2000 the Physicians’ Health Study reported that having 2.5 servings of dairy each day boosted prostate cancer risk by more than 30 percent.

We can get our calcium elsewhere, with much lower risk:

You do not need dairy products to get sufficient calcium if you eat a healthy diet. All unprocessed natural foods are calcium-rich; even a whole orange (not orange juice) has about 60 mg of calcium.

So, if the price of milk doubles, as some suggest it might in the absence of another round of for dairy farmers, you wouldn’t care. At our house we drink almond milk.


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