It’s nice, once in a while, to wake up to good news. I’ve written that Boehner’s offer to tax millionaires if would just throw him a bone on some promises to cut a little spending was just a sop, a give away, a cave in. And I’m glad to see that unnamed members of the House agreed with me: no thanks, Mr. Speaker, but we’re not going to raise taxes on anyone, just like we promised.

This is the headline that started off my day, from MarketWatch: “House leaders abruptly canceled a planned vote Thursday night on a tax-cut bill linked to fiscal-cliff talks, saying they didn’t have the votes to pass it.”

We’ve come to a sorry pass when such a little thing brightens my day. It does show that there is a little backbone left in the House, a little push-back, a little standing up to the powers-that-be. Those PTB were “confident” they could ram this thing through:

Earlier Thursday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had confidently predicted that the Republicans’ bill — dubbed “Plan B” — would clear the chamber.

But no, they couldn’t twist enough arms, offer enough deals, pressure enough wafflers, to get the job done. So they called it a day, and went home:

But Republicans emerged from a closed-door meeting Thursday night without the votes to approve the back-up measure. The chamber adjourned until after Christmas, Cantor said.

It’s likely that some sort of deal will be cobbled together, as has said that “if you look at Speaker Boehner’s proposal and you look at my proposal, they’re actually pretty close.”

And pretty worthless in the grand scheme of things. They’re talking about averting the but no one whom I respect thinks that the fiscal cliff is nothing more than show-boating – much ado about nothing, except political posturing. Even if the cliff arrives, it won’t be all bad: there will be some of government spending. And taxes will go up. Which isn’t all bad as it will remind voters just what kind of trouble we ‘re in. And the midterm election isn’t that far away.

But for the time being, this refusal by the House is good news.


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