Joe Scarborough has sold out. How do I know this? Because Chuck Baldwin and have said so. In yesterday’s column Baldwin recounts his personal history with Scarborough:

This is the same Joe Scarborough who was elected to Congress in 1994 from the First Congressional District of Florida. He ran as a staunch pro-Second Amendment conservative. He was elected to Congress by staunch Pro-Second Amendment conservatives. Now, Scarborough is joining the chorus of the anti-gun left by adding his voice for more gun control.

At one time, Joe and I were fairly close. I hosted a prominent radio talk show in Joe’s district at the time and did everything I could do to help him win that US House seat. At one time, Joe, and several members of his family, verbalized to me that had it not been for my support, he would not have won his congressional seat. At the time, I was proud to do it.

And then Scarborough got the Godfather offer: something he couldn’t turn down:

Joe was a different guy then. That was before he suddenly resigned his seat in Congress, before he landed a gig at MSNBC, and before he became a multimillionaire. Since then, I’ve watched Joe Scarborough morph into something different altogether. I no longer know Joe Scarborough.

At one point Scarborough was one of the good guys. He quoted the Second Amendment word for word during his political rallies. He understood that it had nothing do with hunting rabbits or paper targets, but everything to do with remaining free from tyranny. As Baldwin notes:

Humanly speaking, the only thing that separates free people from the tyrannical propensities of the federal government is a well-armed citizenry. One could even say that they only thing that separates the free people of the world from global tyranny is the well-armed citizenry of the people of the United States!

Baldwin reminds Scarborough about some telling statistics to keep the horror in Connecticut in perspective:

Nationally, some 8,000 people are killed by a gun annually, including a significant percentage of suicide deaths. Joe, 8,000 is the number of people whose lives are saved with a gun in TWO DAYS. That’s right, according to US Department statistics, at least 4,000 people use a firearm to defend themselves and others against violent attacks EVERY DAY. Joe, why don’t you, and the rest of the national media, report that fact?

Because he sold out, that’s why. How do I know? Because Michael Bloomberg says so. Yes, that Michael Bloomberg, the viciously anti-gun Mayor of New York. When Scarborough was rewarded for being a turncoat on the Second Amendment by being named by Time magazine (that shameless shill for the left) as being one of the top 100 “most influential” people in 2011, Bloomberg wrote this glowing note:

On every issue, Joe speaks his mind without fear or favor, because he puts his  country before his party. He served for seven years as a Congressman  from Florida, but he is a patriot before he is a politician or a pundit. That  independence is what makes Joe Scarborough such a valuable voice in American  politics. And it’s what makes Morning Joe such a successful show.

Thanks for selling out, Joe! I hope you’re happy with your new friends.







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