The kept continues to hammer away at the Second Amendment, determined to weaken it in its campaign to erase its restrictions altogether. Accordingly, the media has ignored the “other” shooting where an individual with a legally owned handgun stopped a rampage before it really got started. This is proof that the media is “kept,”, bought and paid for by insiders whose agenda includes exposing only those stories that fit their totalitarian mindset and agenda.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, December 11th, at the Clackamas Town Center Mall in Portland, Oregon:

On Tuesday evening Casey and Ashley went to the mall with Casey’s close friend Nick and Ashley’s 4-month-old son Noah. Ashley’s boyfriend (who is also Casey’s brother) works at the mall and the group was waiting for him to get out of a meeting. They had been in the mall for a short while and were heading to the food court to get a bite to eat.

Just as the group passed the Macy’s Home Store and came to Morgan Jewelers three gunshots rang out.

Nick, who was carrying concealed, had obviously done some serious training in preparation (both mentally and physically) for just such an incident:

As Ashley told us, Nick tossed Noah to her and drew his weapon in a single motion.

This is worth exploring for a moment. You no doubt have read that gun sales are going through the roof. I have a friend who teaches classes for people who want to carry concealed. His phone is ringing…a lot. But just because someone owns a gun and has a permit doesn’t qualify him (or her) to carry. The decision to carry takes time. It took me many months before I decided to carry. I had to work through the whole issue of confronting and then possibly being forced to, in the gravest extreme, use deadly force to end a threat. I had to think about the aftermath consequences – making that 9-1-1 call, dealing with police, connecting with an attorney, all of that.

Nick obviously had done all of that:

As the girls took cover Nick, with his gun drawn, moved behind a pillar and looked towards the shots – and saw the gunmen moving towards them…

Knowing the girls were more secure, Nick was now alone and the gunman was still approaching.

Like most malls, Clackamas Town Center’s second floor has walkways by the storefronts with an open middle area so that light gets through to the bottom floor. The gunman was across that opening from Nick and continued to approach. Nick noted that the gunman seemed unfamiliar with the rifle we now know was stolen. Instead of clearing a malfunction cleanly, the gunman was slapping the gun and pulling the charging handle with seemingly no plan in mind.

As the gunman came closer, he turned to cross a walkway bridging the open space and connecting the two sides of the mall so he could continue his rampage inside the large Macy’s Home Store on the other side – right where Nick was standing.

Nick lined put his front sight on the man’s head and put his finger on the trigger. Nick has extensive experience with both rifles and handguns, at the range of approximately 15-20 yards, this was a shot he knew he could make…

And then Nick considered, coolly with careful deliberation, what were the possible of taking the shot:

As all owners know, Colonel Jeff Coopers Rule #4 is to know your target and what is behind it. Now Nick knew for sure that, while he had a good target, what was behind it were innocent people who were terrified. He removed his finger from the trigger while keeping the gun on the gunman.

Nick was visible to the gunman, who recognized that the mall was no longer a “gun-free zone” and that he now faced unanticipated resistance:

Knowing he [was now faced with] an armed person in the mall and that this was no longer his gun-free zone, the gunman avoided the Macy’s Home Store and ended his rampage by fleeing to a service corridor and into the stairwell to the lower level. He then took his life..

The incident ended without Nick having to fire a single shot. The mere presence of resistance was sufficient to end the threat.

Let’s review: There was a threat. Someone carrying concealed (with sufficient training and forethought) recognized the threat, and acted prudently in response to it. His presence was sufficient to end the threat.

It was also enough for the prostitute press to keep from saying anything about it. It didn’t fit their narrative. That’s why you won’t read about it in the New York Times or the Post or the Globe. They are all hand-maidens to their bosses who are bent on removing the Second Amendment.

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