When I first learned of the shooting, I became angry: angry that such a horrid thing could happen, angry that it gave gun-grabbers another opportunity to wrest essential rights from the rest of us. Then I became frustrated that there is so little I could do, so little I could have done, to prevent such a tragedy.

I have not read anything more than the headlines. I have not read what other people think about the matter. So consider the following to just be pure me:

Who’s really to blame here? In no particular order:

The teachers:

They have a responsibility to protect the little ones. They failed. It wasn’t until this thug turned his weapon on himself that the attack ended.

The schools:

Where is the policy protecting the little ones? Oh, yes, it’s a gun-free zone. I see. That’s supposed to protect them, right?

No, all it does is create an opportunity to anyone so┬áderanged to come in and start shooting, knowing that no one – teachers, students, staff – will be able to return fire.

The parents:

Where is the outrage from parents about this? I’ll look to see if there is any, but I doubt it. From my perspective, parents just drop the kiddies off and head to work: “Have a nice day, sweetie, and I’ll see you at 3.”

Aren’t they ultimately responsible here? Just dropping their kids off without a single moment’s thought about their safety?

The parents of the shooter:

He shot his mother. His mother? I spent some time in prayer this morning and, appropriately, was reading what the Scriptures teach about parents and children. This is from Paul’s letter to the Colossians, written about 60AD: “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.”

Obviously the killer had been successfully insulated from any such teaching. I put the blame for this on the schools and the school board and the NEA and the decades-long effort by the totalitarians to remove any such reference to eternal rules and teachings from the schools. Such insulation costs dearly.

And by the way, where is/was the killer’s father? Surely there is a biological father out there kicking around somewhere?


I only know about video games from the brief snippets of advertisements I see on TV. I’m not their target market. But I am appalled at the deliberate violence in them. If you immerse yourself in them, surely some of that violence is bound to rub off, isn’t it? I’d be willing to bet the killer was addicted to video games, especially violent ones. Anyone want to take me up on the other side of that bet?

Local government:

This is beyond just the school board with its insane no-gun rules. Without checking, I’m sure Connecticut’s legislature has rules against guns in schools. They are to blame as well.

The culture:

Our culture is declining and has been for years. I think much, if not most, of it is deliberate. John Dewey knew exactly what he was doing. The is culpable here as well.

Who will benefit from this?

, certainly. He is already delightedly taking advantage of another crisis to continue the implementation of his anti-gun agenda. The is the last remaining bulwark against total government, and it has to be erased.

The timing of this couldn’t have been better. Obama has a lame-duck session, the has been front page, headline news for weeks now. He hopes to channel the outrage into legislation.

There are too many unanswered questions. Just like as the killer in Aurora (about which I have written extensively), where did he get this rifle? Who paid for it? Where did he get his training? I read that he was wearing a vest. Didn’t anyone know what was going on? Did he have help?

The timing is just too tidy for an old paranoid like me. There may be links to insiders in some way, probably not.

Another question, and then I’ll press the send button: how many other potential killers are there out there, bought up in government schools, addicted to violent video games, without any religious influence whatsoever? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

I weep for our country.

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