I wrote about this on Monday, indicating that the had already lost the battle over right-to-work in Michigan. In that article I quoted a study that indicated that right-to-work (RTW) states had higher standards of living than collective-bargaining (CB) states with the clear implication being that to choose was the cause.

Some folks may have missed making that jump, and so this article from Mark Perry should help. Perry writes:

Since the ended in June 2009, more than two jobs have been created in right-to-work (RTW) states for every one job created in forced unionism states (2.16 million jobs in RTW states vs. 1.05 million jobs in forced unionism states).

No economist worth his salt would leave it at that, and neither does Perry:

And when you consider that the population of forced unionism states (141.4 million) is 1.38 times larger than the population of RTW states (102.6 million), that means that RTW states are creating jobs at almost three times (2.16 / 1.05 * 1.38) the pace as in forced unionism states.

Not content with that, he adds:

We could also say that forced unionism states would have created close to three million jobs (2.16 m x 1.38) if those states had added new jobs at the same rate as RTW states over the last three years, instead of the 1.05 million increase.

Finally, he concludes:

In other words, there are about 2 million “missing jobs” in forced unionism states that have much to do with the politics of forced unionism.

Perry therefore thinks that there was a great victory in Michigan:

In a historic milestone for the of American workers to decide whether to join labor unions, Michigan became a “right to work” state today over the protests of thousands of union workers and teachers.  Despite those protests (some of which turned violent), Michigan’s new status as the 24th right-to-work state is a victory for the Michigan economy, the individual of workers, and the taxpayers of Michigan…

It’s a great day for Michigan as it joins the states that are truly pro-worker and pro-job creation.

I agree.




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