Mike Adams calls himself the “Health Ranger” who has a blog at www.NaturalNews.com where he comments frequently not only on health and nutrition issues but on larger issues as well. Yesterday he gave us a peek at some of those people who have influenced and galvanized him to action in the fight. You’ll no doubt recognize some of the names: Alex Jones, Dr. Joseph Mercola, John Perkins and Gary Null.

The list goes on. You can do a search on each of them for their backgrounds and their contributions to the fight:

On economic issues, advocates like G. Edward Griffin, Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, Max Keiser and Gerald Celente question the lies and deceptions of the and the global banking cartels. They are the brightest economic minds of our time, vastly out-thinking the parrot-headed zombie journalists at the New York Times, TIME or other rags (nearly all of which are slowly going bankrupt, by the way).

He holds them in high regard and esteem because they are courageous and not cowards. Adams makes the distinction:

Jones, Rockwell, Roberts, Griffin, Icke, Quayle, Celente, Keiser, Null, Mercola, Cummins, Smith, Perkins and many more… these people exercise courage. They dare to do what the vast majority of others refuse to do: Speak out forcefully on the real problems facing our world… and the necessarily “radical” solutions to save our world from tragedy in every area that matters: health, environment, finance, liberty, spirituality and more.

He contrasts these with those who take the wide road, the popular road, the one that is most heavily travelled and popular:

In contrast to the courageous truth-tellers, we have the cowards: People who repeat the same thing we might hear from Monsanto, or the FDA, or the White House under any administration (Bush, Obama, you name it). As a coward, it is easy to become a pop culture celebrity because you’ll be offered endless speaking engagements, TV appearances and opportunities to publish your propaganda in news magazines. Telling corporate-sponsored lies is not just easy, it’s also popular.

Adams teaches us a good rule to follow:

Look at who the says you should pay attention to… and then run like crazy in the opposite direction…



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